Limit Cash Games are Back at WSOP NV, returning soon to NJ is by far the most popular legally regulated online poker room in the Nevada, and the runner-up to the Party Borgata Network in New Jersey. Due to a technical glitch earlier this year, some members of the WSOP NV and WSOP NJ poker sites were dismayed to learn that Fixed Limit cash games had been removed from the software.

Fixed Limit Cash Games back at WSOP NVThose same players will be glad to know that, as of last Sunday, limit cash games have been reinstated at WSOP NV, and will soon be available once more to NJ players.

Back in February, all fixed limit cash games were abruptly removed from the operator’s online poker client. didn’t give any explicit details on the matter, stating only that there was a technical glitch in the fixed limit version of the software. Due to that glitch, they had to be removed for maintenance purposes for an indefinite period of time.

Long-Awaited Return of Fixed Limits at WSOP NV

Now, some three months down the road, players at WSOP NV are rejoicing at the long-awaited return of fixed limit cash games. As of May 10, 2015, members can now enjoy real money Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo in their all of their favorite betting structures, including the formerly exiled fixed limit.

No Limit cash games are by far the most popular variety of poker games at the Nevada and New Jersey based online poker sites. In fact, limit cash games were thinly populated back in February when the removal took place. But that didn’t stop a substantial number of WSOP NV and WSOP NJ members from taking to the forums to complain about the loss of their preferred betting structure.

Accord to reports, some players went so far as to leave for another online poker site where fixed limit was readily available, but there are no palpable statistics to show just how many players WSOP NV may have lost. A number of members commented on the forums that they turned to Pot Limit Omaha games to satisfy their thirst for moderately inexpensive poker games.

Upon restoration of the fixed limit structure at WSOP NV, players immediately returned to the FL 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo tables. A few have popped up on FL Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi-Lo tables since then, but the limited action at these tables has been sporadic thus far.

Fixed Limits Back at WSOP NJ Next Week?

WSOP NJ has not yet restored its limit cash games for online poker players in the Garden State. Last weekend, when WSOP NJ announced the return of fixed limits, Bill Rini, the Head of Online Poker at, assured the operator’s members in New Jersey that they would also be able to access FL structures at the cash tables in the very near future.

Rini estimated that it would take about 10 business days to see fixed limit cash games restored on WSOP NJ. That approximation has New Jersey online poker players hoping for a restoration no later than Wednesday, May 20.

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