Davin “mTw-DaviN” Georgi Profile

Unless you’ve followed the professional Warcraft III circuit for the last few years, chances are you never heard the name Davin “mTw-DaviN” Georgi before 2011. Just 24 at the time, Davin turned his attention to high stakes poker in March of that year and became a rather sudden success, blowing away the biggest names at PokerStars in some of the highest PLO cash games.

Born in August of 1986 in Germany, Georgi did not fancy himself a professional poker player growing up, though his skill for strategic and psychological combat was evident from adolescence. His online moniker, mTw-DaviN, comes from a long-time allegiance to the German Warcraft team, mTw.ATI, under which he won 1st place in the NGL Final of season 3 and 4.

Georgi first started playing live poker tournaments in 2009, but online poker turned out to be a lot more munificent for the young German. It didn’t take long for mTw-DaviN to be noticed on the high stakes tables at PokerStars. By June of 2011, he was making tsunami sized waves. In a single week’s time, Georgi played a phenomenal 245 sessions that included 18,897 hands, racking up an insatiable profit of $320,061.

As with all upswings, Davin’s downswing was soon to come. The following month, Davin suffered a drastic downswing, costing him more than $435k throughout August. Not one to be swayed, mTw-DaviN persisted and managed to bring his bankroll back up just over half a million on the year. Assisting in his impressive year-end profit were two of his largest cash game pots to date, both occurring 5 minutes apart from one another.

On November 14, 2011, mTw-DaviN was playing six handed $100/$200 PLO at PokerStars. After a brief betting war in which Davin held pocket Aces, he hit a less than gorgeous, 9-high straight on the flop. In a gutsy move, he pushed his $56k stack all in against Benjamin “Ben86” Tollerene, who was quick to make the call. It was the right move as Georgi’s straight held up, while Ben86 topped out with a pair of Jacks. This hand alone earned mTw-DaviN a sweet $162,695.

Just five minutes later, Davin Georgi would wrangle up another $197,448. The flop gave Davin a K-high straight. His active opponent, “long90110”, was also peeking at a straight, Q-high. Davin decided to go for it all, and though he already had the pot, he had no idea the turn and river would both drop Kings. By the time it was over, Georgi found himself looking down on a Full Boat of Kings over Jacks. He scooped the pot, his largest single-hand cash to date.

Davin’s brief list of live tournament cashes include a $2,802 profit for placing 111th in a $500 Venetian Deep Stack in 2009, and $18,649 for finishing 78th at the EPT Berlin Season 6 NL Hold’em Championship in 2010.

Georgi’s cash game statistics continue to see dramatic swings. As of late February 2012, the German poker pro was up over $500k at PokerStars, but has already fallen to a tremendously low $18k in the first week of March.

When Davin mTw-DaviN Georgi learns to control his downswings, this rising poker star could be more than a daunting threat at the PokerStars high stakes cash games; he could become an indomitable force in the real money poker community .

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