Bjorn “kleath” Kleathersson

The name Bjorn Kleathersson has an exotic ring to it, but he was actually born and raised in Virginia, USA. For the young poker phenom, it turned out to be less of an advantage, at least in terms of career choices. Kleathersson has achieved an outstanding $3.8 million profit in online poker tournament cashes, but US legislation against playing real money texas holdem online has forced him to relocate in order to continue pursuing his passion.

Now residing in Malta, a safe haven for online poker players, Bjorn is a member of multiple internet poker rooms. Most of his opponents have come to know him, and subsequently fear him, under the alias “kleath”. Bjorn made more than half of his winnings, under the same nickname, by prevailing in one tournament after another at PokerStars.

The world’s leading online poker room, PokerStars tournaments have been responsible for $2.11 million of Kleathersson’s amassed wealth. His largest tournament cash to date from PokerStars awarded “kleath” with an impressive $89,900 on Feb. 21, 2010 after an outright victory in the Sunday $100 w/rebuys.

Full Tilt Poker is another favorite haunt for the young Kleathersson, paying off $1.3 million overall in tournaments for the astute poker player. FTOPS events in particular have been munificently kind to him, granting his largest online poker tournament cash of all, $191,800 in FTOPS XVII Event 16 for finishing in 2nd place. Bjorn’s second largest cash from Full Tilt Poker, and the fourth largest overall, came in FTOPS XV Event 25; a 5th place win worth $44,862.

Bjorn could once be found under the name “kleath” at Absolute Poker, where he has scraped up $161k, boosted by a 1st place routing worth $29,640 in the AB Sunday $100k GTD in Nov of 2010. His name has not made the site’s tournament cash bubbles since December of that same year, thus it is safe to assume he no longer frequents AP.

Other monikers known to be used by Bjorn Kleathersson include “dstivala103” (PokerStars.FR), “nintendokenny” (UB), “ciskcan76” (bwin) and “frzngatorade” (Party Poker). Between these four poker rooms, Kleathersson has pocketed nearly another $120k.

Kleathersson has gone quiet over the last few months, but this has been a typical pattern with him since 2008. His last successful run at a big-money online poker tournament was on Nov 6, 2011 at PokerStars. His indubitable talents brought “kleath” $44,476 in the Bigger $55 when he took down the entire field for a 1st place victory in the $200k GTD.

The American online poker pro is one of only 36 members of to receive the esteemed $3M badge, an icon that denotes a player has cashed for more than $3,000,000 (but less than $4,000,000) throughout the duration of their membership. Currently at $3.84 million, Kleathersson is fast on his way to earning the $4M badge and, at this rate, may soon enough become one of only 6 other players to receive the coveted $5M.

Bjorn “kleath” Kleathersson is undeniably one of the top rising stars of poker, ranked as the 5th best online poker player in the world. He has yet to break into the live tournament sector, but if and when he does, the young American will certainly be worth watching!

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