Ubuntu Texas Holdem for Money

Let’s face it, not everyone owns a Windows PC – the operating system for which every online poker client was originally programmed. It took a long time, but they finally released Mac-compliant poker software, too. But what about the minority of people who are unimpressed with Windows and apathetic to the Mac movement? For us, there is Ubuntu, the lightweight, stealth OS that no software programmer seems to think is worthy of a downloadable online poker client.

Does this mean we cannot play online poker? Certainly not! There may not be a downloadable poker client for Ubuntu – and at this rate, there may never be one – but by golly, we are a resourceful bunch!

Okay, maybe we’re not all that resourceful, but there are ways – quite suitable and wholly enjoyable ways – for us to partake in the online poker community. To be more literal, there are exactly two ways we can make it happen.

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Flash Poker on Ubuntu

The first and most common way is to take advantage of the many no-download poker rooms on the internet. Many of the major poker sites offer a download and no-download platform. To run online poker software that does not involve the download and installation of its software requires only one thing – the latest version of Flash Player. All no-download poker software is designed to run on Flash, and it’s compatible with all major, and minor, operating systems, much like Ubuntu.

On the other hand, not all Flash-powered poker rooms are worth the effort. The graphics aren’t usually as crisp, and the load time can be atrocious. When a poker room lags, it greatly increases the chance of being disconnected form the server, and oh what a terrible mess that can become when we’re dealing with fast-paced poker hands! Point being, if you’re going to play no-download poker on Ubuntu, you better make sure you’ve found a solid, responsive platform.

Being the poker loving tech geek that I am, you can rest assured I’ve done quite a bit of testing on the subject. Of all the Flash poker software I’ve tried, on Ubuntu or otherwise, my absolute favorite has to be Party Poker. For a Flash poker program, it has alacrity, sleek visuals and is extremely reliable.

Long story short, if you want to play online poker on Ubuntu, Party Poker is your best bet. There are some other goodies out there, and you’re welcome to try them, but in my personal opinion, they don’t stack up as well as Party Poker.

Play Ubuntu Poker with Wine

No, I’m not encouraging inebriated card games. I’m talking about a program called Wine that acts as a PC emulator for the Ubuntu OS, resulting in the option to download and play any online poker room you like.

If Ubuntu came pre-installed on your system, you should already have a version of Wine as well. It allows you to run PC-compliant software on your Ubuntu OS, with the exact same look and feel of a traditional Windows program.

It’s all explained here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine. This official Ubuntu page will tell you what version of WINE is best, where to get it and how to install and use it. Those new beta versions of Wine can be buggy and even Ubuntu.com dissuades their use. The version that comes pre-installed with Ubuntu 10.04 is recommended. They will help you get that, too.

The best PC poker client to run on Ubuntu’s built-in PC-emulator is provided by the Merge Gaming Network. If you’ve had any experience with playing poker online with a PC-emulator, you know they don’t all work as advertised. It’s not just buggy emulators, but how the poker software interacts with them. I’ve found all poker sites on the Merge Gaming Network – Carbon Poker, Aced Poker, Players Only, etc. – tend to work seamlessly, not just on Ubuntu, but on Mac, as well.