Twitch Poker: Helmuth launches Poker Brat TV; 2yr extension for Run It UP!

Used to be, if you really loved watching the game of poker, you’d need to flip through the sports channels of your cable TV with fingers crossed to find it, maybe on GSN or ESPN2. Now days, all you have to do is log onto any Twitch Poker live stream. Jason Somerville’sRun It UP!’ is a very popular one, and no doubt Phil Hellmuth’s new live stream, ‘Poker Brat TV’ will be too.

Hellmuth Launches Poker Brat TV on Twitch

Yes, you heard that correctly. The “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth is breaching the surface of modern technology with his own Twitch poker live streaming channel, and he’s surely going to attract a mass of viewers in the coming weeks.

Twitch Poker Brat TV with Phil HellmuthWatching Phil Hellmuth play poker is akin to watching NASCAR. There are two types of fans – those who watch because they genuinely love auto racing, and those with morbid curiosity who hope to see a multi-car pileup.

Similarly, Hellmuth has genuine fans, and lots of them. He is the world record holding 14x WSOP bracelet winner, after all. But then again, a significant portion of his viewers will tune in just to see one of his legendary outbursts, sprinkled with lots of colorful language.

New to the Twitch poker scene, Hellmuth has already made one huge blunder. In a recent live stream, he called up 2010 EPT San Remo Champion Liv Boeree for a FaceTime chat. In doing so, he carelessly divulged her mobile phone number to countless viewers, much to Boeree’s livid displeasure.

Her ire didn’t last too long, though. After logging off the network, Liv eventually returned to partake in a 3-way chat with Hellmuth and Canadian poker phenom Daniel Negreanu.

Poker Brat TV went live last weekend on Saturday, August 8, and already Hellmuth has generated 6,699 followers and 128,712 views (as of writing). At this rate, if Hellmuth continues logging onto Poker Brat TV regularly, he could soon catch up to the live stream followers of Jamie Staples (32,762), Negreanu (34,673), or perhaps even the reining Twitch poker king, Jason “JCarver” Somerville (105,551).

Somerville Signs 2-Year Deal with Twitch for Run It UP!

Somerville isn’t just an amazing poker player. He’s largely considered to be one of the game’s most avid promoters. When Ultimate Poker went live in Nevada on April 30, 2013, going down in history as the first poker site regulated in the US, Jason was right there playing the role of brand ambassador. That’s when the idea for his Run It UP! live stream first began.

The demise of Ultimate Poker wasn’t a huge surprise, competing in a small market with the likes of, but Somerville didn’t even bat an eyelash. He signed on as a PokerStars Pro, continuing his mission to promote regulated iPoker in the US via the recent PokerStars Pro Tour across California.

The tour came to a close last week and Jason got right back to business, securing a new 2-year contract with Twitch to keep his “jcarverpoker” Run It Up! live stream up and running through 2017.

Somerville has quite the fan base on his Twitch poker stream, having harvested over 105k followers and rapidly approaching 7.5 million views.

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