America’s Cardroom $5,000 cash game promo, The Cage, begins tonight

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the online poker world, something new comes along to blow away all of the cash game and tournament style promotions of the past. America’s Cardroom, part of the Winning Poker Network (WPN), has been gearing up for a unique cash game promo that any serious grinder can truly appreciate. It’s called ‘The Cage’, and it gives players three hours and 5k worth of chips to unleash their skills on the virtual felt.

The Cage has a hefty buy-in of $5,000 + $100, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone with the bankroll to get in on the action. Once the tournament style cash game begins, each player has 5,000 in chips to work with – the exact amount they bought at the start. Every hour, the blinds and antes increase, and whatever chips a player has left at the end of the 3rd level is theirs to keep, cashing out for real cash.

The promotion is akin to a tournament because players have to continue competing until the clock runs out, or a single player is left with chips. In a standard cash game, the player can stand up and walk away with their remaining chips at any time. Unlike a tournament, however, it is not the player’s position at the end that determines the value, if any, but rather the number of chips remaining in the player’s stack.

America’s Cardroom spokesman, Michael Harris, extolled his enthusiasm for the upcoming online poker event. “The prospect of playing with top-rated players and competing with $5,000 in real cash has made The Cage one of the most talked about poker cash games in history. We’re one day away from the most intense three hours in online poker history and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.”

The structure for the exclusive $5k cash game will go as follows. Starting with 5,000 chips each, players will compete for a total of three hours, or until they run out of chips, whichever comes first. Blinds and antes will be invoked throughout, with levels increasing on an hourly basis. During the first hour, blinds will be set at $10/$20 with $2 antes. For the second hour, the blinds increase to $25/$50 with $5 antes. Throughout the third and final hour, blinds will be $50/$100 with antes of $10.

America’s Cardroom knows that not everyone can afford to toss $5,000 into a single cash game buy-in, so they’ve made sure that everyone has a chance to compete in this epic online poker battle. Satellite competitions have already begun and will continue throughout the day with buy-ins as low as $1.65.

The Cage cash game event gets underway at exactly 8:00pm ET tonight, October 8th, and will cease the moment the clock strikes 11:00pm ET. Every chip left in a player’s stack is worth $1. For example, if a player works their stack up to 26,800 when the event is over, they will receive $26,800 in cold, hard cash that can be withdrawn at will.

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