Seals with Clubs shuts down after security breach and raid by Nevada Gaming Commission

It was reported over the weekend that the most popular Bitcoin poker site, Seals with Clubs, would be ceasing operations. The original story was an allusive one, pointing to a security breach in the system responsible for the immediate shut down. Now, thanks to video statement from Bryan Micon, Chairman of Seals with Clubs , we know there was a lot more to the decision to close the online poker room.Bitcoin poker site Seals with Clubs closed

In his statement, recorded from Antigua, Micon revealed that the unspecified security breach wasn’t the only thing that occurred February 11th. That morning, his home was raided by a group of heavily armed men serving a warrant issued by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

“On the 11th of February 2015, at 8:00am, a bunch of guys with guns broke down my door, put me in handcuffs, serving a warrant from the Nevada Gaming Commission regarding Seals with Clubs and Bitcoin poker,” said Micon, who seemed very nonchalant about the whole ordeal. “The next 8 hours, they stole most of my electronics, and as a blogger, this is of course seriously hindering to my output.”

Micon then spoke of the security breach suffered by the Bitcoin poker site. “At the same time, there was an irregularity on one of the Seals with Clubs servers hosted by Voxility in Romania. It’s unclear what happened. The system is of course very secure,” explained Micon. “It has thwarted hacking attempts in the past, so it’s unclear to me, from a technical perspective, exactly what went down, but the rest of the Seals with Clubs management team quit. They did not want to continue after this and, you know, I do.”

For the time being, Micon said, “Seals with Clubs will continue to wind down. Cashouts are continuing to be processed. All of the Bitcoins are safe.” However, he said that, aside from a required domain name change, this is not the end of Seals with Clubs. He said he’s assembled a team to work on the re-opening of “” with “2.0 software”, which he expects to open “very, very soon”. This time, though, the online poker room will operate out of Antigua, for obvious reasons.

You can view the full Video Statement from Bryan Micon here.

Where Seals with Clubs stand now

As members of the Bitcoin poker room are probably already aware, the traditional façade of the website has been replaced with a dull, grey background and mysterious text that alludes to the security breach.

“We will not divulge details publically, but they may come to light if any team member chooses to come forward of their own volition at a later date,” read the statement on the Bitcoin Poker site as of February 20, 2015. Ostensibly, that’s what Bryan Micon chose to do when he published the video statement on Saturday.

All players are urged to withdrawal their full balances immediately, as cashouts will only be available “for a limited time” (no actual end date has been supplied). It was also noted that, since Micon intends to continue the operation under the new domain name, players will have an opportunity to retain their Krill. However, for security reasons, passwords will not be provided to the new SWCpoker team.

Micon will only have access to usernames and their respective email addresses. Thus players will need to register on the new (when the time comes). More information will be supplied later as to how a player can retain their username, so long as there is an active email address on file with Seals with Clubs.

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