Real Gaming trumps WSOP deposit bonus with 100% up to $500 every month

After initiating a hard launch in October 2014, Nevada’s newest online poker room, Real Gaming  has made every effort to trump the promotional offerings of its rival, WSOP NV. South Point’s iPoker operator has done it once again, issuing a new deposit bonus of 100% up to $500, and it’s not just a one-time offer for new players either.Real Gaming Deposit Bonus Terms

Real Gaming announced the new deposit bonus promotion yesterday via email, proclaiming that their “Deposit Match is now for everyone!” Instead of delivering a big welcome bonus package restricted to new players, or their previous ‘Ultimate Match’, designed for former UP members, the Nevada online poker site is giving everyone a shot at 100% up to $500 every single month.

Whether you’re signing up a new account and making your very first purchase with Real Gaming, or you’ve been on board since the days of soft-launch, everyone gets to take part in this year-long deposit bonus promo. All it takes is a verified account and a physical presence in the state of Nevada to qualify.

Real Gaming will match a player’s first deposit of each calendar month, up to $500. Hence, depositing $50 will deliver a $50 match bonus, whereas a purchase of $500 will deliver the maximum $500 deposit bonus. Depositing more than $500 will still award the max $500 bonus.

Being a reoccurring, monthly promotion, the player is given until the end of the same calendar month to clear their deposit bonus. Clearing the bonus requires nothing more than playing online poker at Real Gaming. As players earn poker points, known as Tier Score at Real Gaming, they will release the bonus in $10 increments for every 100 Tier Score. The bonus will appear in the player’s account within 72 hours of each incremental release.

Members of Real Gaming can rack up Tier Points fairly quickly by participating in ring games and/or tournaments. At the cash tables, every $1 contributed to the rake is worth 2 Tier Score. Likewise, every $1 paid in tournament fees (fees only, not the full buy-in) is also worth 2 Tier Score. Impressively, even Bronze members (brand new players who’ve never earned a Tier Score) are privy to a multiplier of 2.5x on all poker points, therefore earning just 2 Tier Score actually grants a total score of 5.

By climbing the VIP ladder at Real Gaming, members can earn their deposit bonus even faster. Earning a Tier Score of 200-499 in a month raises the player’s level to Silver, granting a 5x multiplier on all Tier Scores. Gold members (500-999) earn a 6x multiplier, Platinum members (1000-3999) earn a 7.5x multiplier, Emerald members (4000-9999) earn a 12.5x multiplier and Diamond members (10,000+) receive the highest Tier Score multiplier of 15x.

Real Gaming vs WSOP Deposit Bonus

For months now, Real Gaming has strived to surpass the promotional schedule of WSOP NV, and technically, they’ve succeeded with flying colors. Unfortunately for the online poker operator, overcoming’s immense brand recognition hasn’t been so easy.

Comparatively speaking, WSOP NV currently offers all members a 100% up to $400 welcome bonus. That’s $100 less than Real Gaming’s new deposit match. WSOP’s version is also available one time only, on a new user’s very first deposit at the online poker room, whereas players instantly qualify to take advantage of Real Gaming’s new deposit bonus each and every month.

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