Prepaid Visa Poker Sites: Avoiding Denial of US Player Deposits

Prepaid Visa PokerIf you live in the United States, play online poker, and have an account with a major financial institution such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo, chances are you’ve attempted to make a deposit with your Visa credit/debit card. If so, you are already aware that this payment method is consistently met with notices of rejection. The same is often not true of Prepaid Visa poker deposits.

Using a Prepaid Visa to move funds into an online poker account has a multitude of benefits.

Financial Security: Because it’s a prepaid card, there’s no threat of your card information being stolen and used without your knowledge. Simply load the amount of funds you wish to deposit onto the card (plus any fees; see Fees for Prepaid Visa Poker Deposits below). Once the Prepaid Visa poker deposit is made, there is no money left on the card. You can either purchase a new card for the next deposit, or load more funds on the same card when ready.

Identity Security: A temporary Prepaid Visa can be purchased at myriad locations, and does not connect the buyer with the card. Therefore, when entering your details to make a Prepaid Visa poker deposit, your identity is perfectly secure and cannot be linked to a personal financial account or credit/debit card.

Speed: Prepaid Visa poker deposits are instant.

Prepaid Visa Poker Deposits Rate of Acceptance

Just like a Visa credit/debit card, the prepaid cards available for purchase are linked to financial institutions. For example, if you purchase a Prepaid Visa that is concomitant with Wells Fargo, you can expect a similar rejection notice when depositing at your favorite online poker site.

What makes the process somewhat difficult is that some financial institutions will block transfers to some poker sites, but not all of them. The easiest way to ensure your Prepaid Visa poker deposit will go through is to contact the operator first. Advise them of your location and they should be able to tell you exactly where to go to purchase a Prepaid Visa that has a high acceptance rate at their poker site.

Important: Ensure that the prepaid Visa you purchase does not say “Valid in the United States only” anywhere on the card, front or back. If it does, you will not be able to use it to make an international transfer. All offshore poker sites require international transfer capabilities.

Fees for Prepaid Visa Poker Deposits

When you purchase a Prepaid Visa from a retail outlet, a list of fees should be provided on the packaging. Others may offer a phone number to call, or website to visit, for information on fees. Every card issuer sets their own fees, so while I can’t give you exact figures, here’s some you’ll want to watch out for.

Purchase/Reload Fee: When purchasing and reloading a PrePaid Visa, there is going to be a small fee, usually $2-$4.

International Transfer Fee: Most cards will incur a fee for international transactions, and the amount can vary greatly. If you’re playing at an offshore website, you are going to get hit with this fee every time you make a Prepaid Visa poker deposit.

Inactivity Fee: If you leave a balance on the card and do not use it for a set amount of time, a small fee, generally $2-$4, will be charged.

Where to Buy a Prepaid Visa Card

You can find Prepaid Visa cards at virtually any retail outlet, from gas stations and convenience stores to major department stores like Wal-Mart and Kmart. They are always located near the front of the store, often by the registers, with all other gift cards.

Making a Prepaid Visa Poker Deposit

You can use your Prepaid Visa at an online poker site just like you would a traditional Visa credit/debit card. Log in to the poker site, visit the Cashier and choose to Deposit. Find the Prepaid/Gift Card deposit option and follow the instructions. You will need to provide the 16-digit card number and PIN from the back of the card, along with the amount you wish to deposit.

Operators should not charge a fee when making a Prepaid Visa poker deposit, but they may impose restrictions on the minimum/maximum purchase allowed. For example, BetOnline only allows Prepaid Visa poker deposits of $50-$1,000.

Note that Prepaid Visa is not a viable withdrawal option at online poker sites.

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