Party Borgata nears end of Milestone Hands promo with 58mm hands dealt

New Jersey’s leading online poker network, Party Borgata, has spent the last two months delivering cash rewards to members of Party Poker NJ and Borgata Poker as part of a massive Milestone Hands promotion. The campaign started when the network hit 50 million hands, and will continue until the 60 millionth hand is dealt. Having just dealt its 58 millionth hand on Thursday, October 9th, the promo is expected to reach its epic conclusion within the next two weeks.

The online poker network launched less than a year ago, in November of 2013, which speaks towards the ultimate success of Party Borgata in such a relatively short period of time. So far, over 800 cash game and tournament tables have shared in the cash prizes made available during the promo, and another 200 will reap the rewards before it’s all over.

The Party Poker blog documented the events of the 58,000,000th hand, eventually won by SuperDonk, who beat out FatalFlaws with two pair, 10’s over 3’sto a pair of Jacks. Unfortunately, the payoff for the monumental hand wasn’t all that impressive due to the stakes range and number of players present. SuperDonk and FatalFlaws were competing head to head at a low limit NLHE table. According to the rules of the promotion, such tables only receive a $50 prize if a millionth hand is dealt, with 50% going to the winner and 50% spread amongst the rest of the players. Since there were only 2 players at the table, both players each received a $25 prize for participating in the hand, as opposed to the maximum prize of $2,500 at a full, high stakes cash game or $100+ MTT/SNG.

Although SuperDonk’s true identity is reserved, Bluff Magazine’s statistics show the anonymous poker player to be an avid grinder of the virtual felt. He has played in a whopping 844 low-buy-in tournaments on Party Poker NJ, finishing in the money 189 times for a grand total of $6,948.24 in winnings. If we break that down, starting from the day the network went live in New Jersey, that’s a minimum average of 2.5 online poker tournaments (and surely hundreds of hands) per day. Throw in any cash game tables SuperDonk may have been playing, and his chances of being involved in a Milestone Hand were relatively good, at least when compared to the typical, recreational online poker player.

There are still many more opportunities to earn a prize before the promo comes to an end. The Milestone Hands promotion doesn’t just award the players active in each of the millionth hands dealt, but also those dealt in each 100th hand, up to 10,000, after each millionth hand. For example, hand # 50,000,100, hand # 50,000,200, 50,000,300 up to 50,010,000, each saw the player’s share in a prize.

These are known as Milestone Plus hands, and there are 100 of them played after every millionth hand. The online poker network splashes each Milestone Plus hand with an added $25 cash prize added to the pot, so the winner of those hands gets an extra $25.

The promotion truly began on August 20, 2014 with the dealing of the 50,000,000th hand. It took a total of 51 days to see 8 million hands played out. At that rate, a millionth hand is occurring on average about once every 6.5 days, which means New Jersey’s top online poker network can expect to wrap up its Milestone Hands promo on or around October 22nd.

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