A look back at Full Tilt’s largest Online Poker Cash Pots of 2014

Another year is in the books, and for the online poker community, it means a time for reflection. Operators will examine their quarterly revenues throughout 2014 and marketing hits and misses. Players will observe their win/loss ratio and try to pinpoint their most successful skillsets, while plugging visible leaks. And in between it all, we’ll look back on some of the most memorable online poker moments of the year.

Today, we’ll reflect upon the absolute largest cash game pots of 2014. More specifically, we’ll be reviewing the largest pots at Full Tilt, where most of today’s top pro poker players gather to toss more chips in a single hand than many of us will ever see in our bankrolls.

Doug WCGRider Polk wins largest online poker cash pot of 2014
Doug “WCGRider” Polk

#3 Denoking splits $359,187 pot with LuvtheWNBA

The third largest online poker hand of 2014 occurred on August 21 during a session between anonymous poker pro “Denoking” and Isaac “LuvtheWNBA” Haxton. These two have gone back and forth with enormous amounts at stake on a multitude of occasions, but on that day, the pot escalated to a staggering $359,187 before what turned out to be a not-so-climactic showdown.

Both online poker pros just so happened to be holding the same unsuited hand of K-Q underneath. As the board played out A-J-5-10-4, both Denoking and LuvtheWNBA were extremely confident in their hands; as they should be when holding the nuts. The end result, of course, was a split pot of $359,187.

#2 Isuldur1 scoops $372,260 from jungleman12

Just one day prior to the previous monster cash game hand (August 20, 2014), Viktor “Isuldur1” Blom was seated at a 3-way table with fellow pros Dan “jungleman12” Cates and Gus Hansen. The ‘Great Dane’ got out early when Isuldur1 raised $1,500 pre-flop, countered $5,400 by jungleman12.

The K-9-8 flop drew $7,200 from Blom and Cates made the call. Looking down at 6-7, Blom was pleased to see the 5 on the turn, completing his straight. The Swede bet $17,400, drawing a $48,600 raise from the American, Cates. Blom called and a Q dropped.

Surely fearing his opponent might hold J-10, Isuldur1 checked the river, but when jungleman12 tossed $98,600 into the pot, Blom’s poise returned. After only a moment’s hesitation, he raised all-in. We’ll never know what Cates had since he muck folded at that point, but it certainly wasn’t enough to earn him the massive $372,260 pot.

#1 WCGRider takes Denoking for a $382,827 spin

In the absolute largest online poker cash game pot of 2014, occurring on Sept 18, Doug “WCGRider” Polk faced off in heads-up with Denoking. They had already exchanged piles of chips in this session before Polk was dealt A-A. Denoking held a nice pocket of his own with K-K. The two online poker pros were all-in pre-flop, agreeing to run the hand twice.

On the first run, Q-2-A-J-Q gave WCGRider the easy win with a triad of Aces. The second time around was no more fortunate for Denoking, delivering Q-4-3-J-7. The flurry of spades gave both gentlemen a flush, but Polk’s Ace ensured he held the higher of the two. And thus, Full Tilt’s largest cash game pot of the year, valued at a whopping $382,827, fell into Doug Polk’s possession.

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