Neteller Poker Sites: Global Convenience at the Click of a Button

At one time, online payment processors came a dime a dozen, and sadly, that’s about what most of them were worth a decade ago. For more than 15 years, Neteller has stood out among the masses as one of the most reliable, trusted and secure eWallets on the internet. As such, the availability of Neteller poker deposits and withdrawals has become a precedent for online gamers when seeking out a new card gaming destination.Neteller Poker Sites Deposits and Withdrawals

Neteller launched in 1999 with the singular goal of becoming the world’s number one online payment service for the internet gambling industry. It didn’t take long for the company to achieve that goal. Prior to exiting the US market in 2007, the eWallet was processing 80% of the world’s online gambling payments. It was so popular, in fact, that if Neteller poker deposits weren’t provided by an operator, most players wouldn’t bother joining.

Last year, Neteller made its triumphant return to the US regulated iGaming market. Players in New Jersey will find Neteller poker deposits available, via the branded Net+ Prepaid Discover Card, at WSOP NJ and 888Poker NJ.

Neteller Poker Deposits – Pros and Cons

As with most online payment solutions, there are pros and cons associated with making Neteller poker deposits and withdrawals. However, as you’ll see, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.


– Extremely reliable and secure payments
– No need to divulge financial information to Neteller poker sites. Players simply enter their Neteller 12-digit User ID and 6-digit Secure ID. A player’s poker site password is also required for added account security.
– Deposits are instant
– Neteller Withdrawals are quicker than most services, generally 24-48 hours.
– Neteller account can be funded with over 40 payment methods, including all major credit cards and bank account transfers.
– Available in over 200 countries and 22 currencies (AUD, BGN, CAD, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, INR, JPY, MYR, MXN, MAD, NOK, PLN, RON, RUB, SGD, SEK, CHF, TWD, TND, USD).


Fees (see all Neteller and Net+ Card Fees)
        – Account Loading Fees: Funding a Neteller account can cost anywhere from nothing to as high as 20%, depending on the selected funding method. However, bank transfers are free, and most major credit/debit cards incur a standard transfer fee of 1.9-4.95%.
        – Withdrawal Fees: Withdrawing fund costs anywhere from €4 to €25 EUR (or currency equivalent), based on the method chosen. ATM withdrawals via Net+ Card are €4, bank transfers €7.50. Requesting a bank draft by mail is €7.50 for standard delivery (10-21 days), €25 for express delivery (1-2 days).
        – Net+ Prepaid Fees: Almost every action taken with a Net+ Prepaid Card incurs a small fee. Only POS (point of sale) purchases at land-based and online merchants are free.
– US/New Jersey players can’t process Neteller poker withdrawals (Net+ Card for deposits only).

How to make Neteller Poker Deposits

Making your first Neteller poker deposit is a simple 3-step process. First, you will need to visit the Neteller website ( and sign up an account. Upon doing so, you’ll be given a 12-digit User ID and 6-digit Secure ID. You can fund your Neteller account in over 40 ways, including bank transfer or any major credit/debit card.

Then head over to your favorite Neteller poker site and visit the cashier. Under the deposit menu, select Neteller as your preferred method.

On the form provided, enter your Neteller User ID, Secure ID and the amount you wish to deposit. You will be asked to provide the password for your online poker account to further secure the purchase. Submit the payment and the funds are instantly available for use.

Net+ Prepaid Card (by Discover)

The Net+ Prepaid Card is a genuine debit card linked directly to a player’s Neteller account, much like a traditional debit card is linked to the holder’s bank. It can be used in the exact same way as any other debit card; to make purchases over the internet, POS purchases as land-based merchants, and of course, online poker deposits.

Net+ Prepaid Cards can be used anywhere Discover is accepted. It can even be used to withdrawal funds from any ATM in the world that displays the Discover logo. Note there is a €4.00 fee per ATM withdrawal.

Net+ Prepaid for US Neteller Poker Deposits

Right now, only two US-regulated online gaming sites in New Jersey ( and 888poker) accept Neteller poker deposits. However, a player cannot use their Neteller account directly. They must apply for a Net+ Prepaid Card, wait 10-14 days for it to arrive in the mail, call to activate the card and then load funds from their online Neteller account.

Once that is done, the Net+ Prepaid Card becomes extremely convenient, and can be used just like any other debit card with the Discover logo, including making Neteller poker deposits at the US operators listed above. Because the Net+ Card is the only way US players can make a Neteller poker payment, it is not available as a withdrawal method.

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