Chris ‘MAKKAPAKK’ Johnson wins 2015 GPS Birmingham Main Event

The Genting Poker Series Star City wrapped up its 3-Day Main Event with online poker pro Chris “MAKKAPAKK” Johnson topping the field. The UK poker player was awarded the 1st place prize of £37,000; a mere drop in the bucket compared to the $2.2 million he’s wrangled up over the years at online poker sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt.

Chris Johnson had a great run throughout the GPS Star City Main Event. On Day 2, a massive pot between the former PokerStars Sunday Million winner and David Green resulted in Johnson taking the chip lead with a stack of 750,000. By the time the day was over, he had increased his lead to 1,128,000, with Hui Jin trailing in 2nd at 1,010,000.MAKKAPAKK Chris Johnson wins 2015 GPS Birmingham Main Event

The final day of the GPS Main Event in Birmingham resumed on Sunday with 26 players left in contention. GPS Tournament Director Colin McTaggert got things underway with the traditional call to “Shuffle up and deal!”, and within the period of four hours, the final table had been formed. By that time, Johnson and Jin had traded places in terms of leading the chip counts.

GPS Birmingham Final Table Chip Counts
Hui Jin 2,549,000
Chris Johnson 1,977,000
Kevin Parkes 1,784,000
Mark Evans 967,000
Baljit Singh 949,000
Tom Clack 791,000
Miguel King 605,000
Tony McTiernan 263,000
Shaun Walsh 233,000


The low stack, Shaun Walsh was quick to shove only a few hands into play, but it ultimately backfired as he was sent home in 9th for £2,830. Miguel King would soon follow him out the door when he ran 9-8 into the A-2 of Tom Clack, ending King’s run in 8th for £4,040. Next out was Baljit Singh who shoved his remaining 500k against Chris Johnson after a flop that left him behind and praying for a heart to complete his flush draw. With no help for either player, Johnson’s Ace-high prevailed and Singh was out in 7th for £5,810.

After winning the 2014 GPS Grand Final in December, Mark Evans was entertaining hopes of becoming the very first back-to-back GPS Champion, but Tom Clack put an end to that on what turned out to be a heart-pounding hand. All-in preflop, both players tabled A-J and were ready to split the pot. They waited for the board to play out, but to everyone’s surprise, three hearts came down on the flop and a fourth on the river, giving each a flush. Clack held the nuts with the Ah, sending Evans home in 6th with a £7,400 payday.

Kevin Parkes was behind with only 10 big blinds remaining, and Clack had no trouble taking advantage to send Parkes out in 5th with £9,690. Unfortunately for Tom, after ousting the last two from the table, he himself would become the next victim when he ran A-10 into the Q-J of Johnson. Johnson hit top pair and Clark fell to the rails in 4th for the first 5-figure cash of the GPS Main Event, £13,420.

Johnson held a dominate lead with around 80% of all the chips, but he was perfectly acquiesce to discussing a three-way deal. The original payouts would have been 1st place £37,230, 2nd place £26,340 and 3rd place £19,190. Instead, they agreed Chris Johnson would collect £37,000, while Hui Jin and Tony McTiernan would split the remainder; £22,800 apiece. All that was left was to play for the 2015 GPS Birmingham Trophy.

Johnson first finished off Hui Jin with pocket 10s over Q-8. The UK poker pro then took pocket 3s in against the 10-7 of McTiernan, and it was more than enough to secure the trophy when a trio of Jacks came down, landing a full boat to round out the GPS Birmingham Main Event in style.

GPS Main Event Birmingham Final Table Results
1st Chris Johnson £37,000*
2nd Tony McTiernan £22,800*
3rd Hui Jin £22,800*
4th Thomas Clack £13,420
5th Kevin Parkes £9,690
6th Mark Evans £7,400
7th Baljit Singh £5,810
8th Miguel King £4,040
9th Shaun Walsh £2,830

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