Poker Rooms with Minimum Deposit

Poker is a game that transcends culture and status, a game that everyone can play and a game that is played all around the world. Poker is at its biggest in the United States, which is no surprise. Not only do Americans love to gamble, but many variants of poker were born in the US. Texas Hold’em was spawned in a small Texas town, Omaha was probably created in a US casino and Five Card Draw was played by early Americans and those cigar chomping, pistol carrying outlaws of the Wild West, with the game being popular with everyone from Wild Bill Hickok to Billy the Kid.

It has been estimated that a quarter of all online real-money players come from the United States, but that still leaves a large proportion that hail from elsewhere. Germany has close to a 10% share of the online poker population, whilst Spain, Netherlands and Great Britain make up another 10%. The tenth highest online poker population goes to Australia, but the Aussies only hold a 2% share and there is still another 30% of the online poker population in countries with an even smaller share than that. Poker itself is very big, and online poker is played everywhere, with online poker players in most countries.

Best Texas Holdem Sites for Real Money !

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It doesn’t matter how much money you have, because whilst it is never advisable to gamble if you’re struggle to feed yourself, online poker can be played for free. In fact, for those who know what they’re doing, that nothing can turn into something special. Building a bankroll from nothing is not an easy task, and it is certainly not something commonly done by amateurs. It was reported to have been done by Chris Ferguson, who turned nothing into $10.000 over 6 months, and there are several people who have claimed to have done the same thing. Everywhere from the forums at Card Player to the articles on Ruff Poker you will find articles on how to build a bankroll from nothing.

If this is what you intend to do, or if you only have a very small amount of money to play with, then you’ll want to seek out the sites that have the lowest minimum deposits, the lowest buy-in tournaments and the best free-rolls, which we have listed below.

Best Sites

If money is tight we would recommend that you start with a small deposit, choosing your real money games selectively and playing as many free-rolls as you can. PKR is one of the best for this. Free-rolls are big business on PKR and the completion is also very weak, so this is a great place for new players to start out. PKR also have several giveaway games, where players can pick up small amounts to use in micro sit and go tournaments, these rank from a few cents to a few dollars. The lowest buy-in at PKR is $0.10, whilst the lowest cash game blinds are $0.01 and $0.02.

The minimum deposit at PKR is just $10, but you don’t need to make a deposit in order to play the game. There are many free-rolls and technically, if you’re good enough, it’s possible for you to start out with nothing and make enough money to play at the higher levels.

Sky Poker also have a small minimum deposit, which comes to just £5, or around $8. Like PKR, this site is frequented by amateurs and is very popular with gamblers who head for the poker site after winning some money on SkyBet’s sports books or even at their bingo rooms or casino room. High-rollers are advised to stay clear of SkyPoker as they are unlikely to find a game that fits, but the micro stake players will find plenty. The lower the buy-in, the quicker that the sit and go will fill, with the £0.50 buy-ins being the most popular. The multi-table tournaments are a little more expensive, with the ones in the range of £5 being the most popular, but there are ones available for as little as £0.60, which equates to around $1. For a long time SkyPoker also had what was considered to be one of the best bonuses in online poker, as they were offering a free £10 to all new members without the need for a deposit. This bonus reappears every now and then, so if you have a small or nonexistent budget, then you should definitely keep an eye on SkyPoker.

One of the best options out there for micro stake players is also the best option out there for poker players full stop. Pokerstars is by far the biggest online poker site, frequented by amateurs, professionals and poker superstars alike. The minimum deposit on Pokerstars is $10, and although they operate predominately in US dollars, they also have deposit options for GBP and EUR, with cash games and tournaments that are played in those currencies. The majority of players on the Pokerstars network come from Europe, with a large proportion of them from Russia, France and Germany, but they tend to attract players from everywhere except the United States.

Pokerstars has some very small buy-in tournaments, including Turbo Texas Hold’em tournaments that cost just $0.11 to enter, Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments that cost just a dollar or two, and Mixed Game tournaments that you can get into for as little as $2 plus rake. The beauty of Pokerstars is that they also have an extensive “step” system. This begins at Step 1, where players can enter for just a dollar or two, and if they win or place consistently they can make it to the final steps free of charge, which would typically cost several hundred dollars. The winners of these tournaments tend to receive tickets to big events sponsored by Pokerstars, such as the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure.

Pokerstars also have a section dedicated to free-rolls, and many of these come with significant prize pools. New players can also take advantage of the Pokerstars Pokerschool, which teaches them how to play the game and guides them through the early stages of their poker career. The Pokerschool is free to join and it is very informative, with information provided by several top poker pros. Pokerschool members can take advantage of several free-roll tournaments, along with other perks. There are also free-rolls that correspond to the players’ loyalty points, which begin at Chrome and go all the way up to Supernova Elite, a level that comes with a long list of perks, and one that less than 400 people have attained. Known as “Privilege Free-rolls” these are often available from the Bronze level onwards and they often come with a prize pool of at least $100.000, despite being free to join.

Worst Sites

Betfair is one of the biggest gambling destinations in Europe, and one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world. At Betfair your bets are placed against other members, much like they would be at a poker site, and Betfair make their money by taking a cut, much like they would at a poker site. The Betfair poker room is hosted by the iPoker network and although it is a very good network, it isn’t used to its full potential at Betfair. Betfair is also a terrible place for those who like to bet small, as they aren’t interested in anyone who doesn’t bet big. The minimum bet on the exchange, for instance, is £2, or around $3, and the minimum buy-in in the poker room is $1 plus rake. Betfair do have many promotions, but these will only be of interest to those who bet big. The minimum deposit on Betfair is £10 and although they can convert from any currency, they do not allow players for the US to join.

The OnGame network, which Betfair used to be a part of, also doesn’t have much going for it in this instance, as the minimum buy-ins are around $1 plus rake, and there are very few free-rolls. The sites that use OnGame do have a relatively small minimum deposit, but the minimum amount won’t get you very far in the poker room, and even if you do play at the higher levels you’ll discover that they simply don’t have the number of players that other sites have.

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