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Finding a loose site is not easy, simply because you’re not the only one looking. There are many poker players out there who seek weak competition and easy money, and once they find the right site then there’s nothing stopping them from flooding in, thereby turning a weak site into a strong one overnight. That’s not always the case though, as poker players are creatures of habit. They like to stick with sites that suit their style, sites that they have always used and, more importantly, sites that give them the best loyalty points. They may switch every now and then to a loose site, but more often than not they will return to their site of choice, which is often one of the big ones.

There is something else to consider as well, the main reason why many people know what the loosest site is, and yet still refuse to play it. It’s not because it’s not safe, it’s not because it doesn’t have big tournaments and it’s not because it’s restricted to a small group of people, as everyone bar those in the United States can join. The reason is actually pretty straight forward, but we’ll get to that later, right after we tell you what the loosest site on the internet is, and after we run through a few of the other loose sites and the things that you need to consider when seeking them out.


First up, when it comes to seeking a loose site, look at where the site advertises and the market that it appeals to. Does the marketing campaign concentrate almost entirely on poker forums and live events? Does it blow its TV advertising budget on late-night poker slots, and only display its adverts on Card Runners and other places that are frequented by keen amateurs and professionals? If so, then you have a site that only those who play poker will see, and that’s not the sort of site that has a lot of loose players.

There are bad players that frequent these forums and watch those TV programs, but this is a percentage game and the numbers of them are far too low. You want a site that advertises itself away from poker, a site that plasters its logo on banner ads at football games, TV slots on sporting fixtures and even on horse racing, motor racing and casino related content. In this instance the ones who see the advert are gamblers who have a lot of money and are not averse to blowing hundreds or so on a single bet, and yet might not know anything about poker. Party Poker is one of these, and one of the top three sites (the others being Pokerstars and Full Tilt) that attracts the loosest players thanks to its advertising.

Bonuses should also be considered in this instance. You can tell what sort of players the poker website is trying to attract by the sort of promotions it runs. If it’s offering a simple matched deposit, but one that can only be unlocked by playing extensively, then it’s unlikely to attract a lot of new players. If, however, it is offering silly little gimmicks and bonuses, such as large free-rolls that offer the chance to win a car or an iPhone, then you have something that is sure to attract those looking to gamble.


Free-rolls are an important part of the modern poker game. This is where many learn their craft, but it is also where many of the micro stakes players turn when they run out of money. The amount of free-rolls that a poker site has, the popularity of those free-rolls and how much attention that the website pays to those free-rolls is a great indicator of the sort of players that play across the entire platform. All sites have free-rolls, but whilst they may be tucked away and playing an insignificant role for many sites, for some they are at the forefront and they dominate the tournament options.

Sports books

Another great way to find loose players is to search for the sites that are sports books first, and poker rooms second. There is an abundance of these and many of them use the same networks, which guarantees that you’ll also find a full tournament of loose players to go up against. If you go on after a big sporting fixture, preferably on a weekend, you may also encounter those who have had a little drink, have won some money on the big game and are looking for a quick way to blow it. These players tend to be very loose and if you head for the Bounty Hunter tournaments — where players are paid a bounty for each player they knock out of the competition — you’ll see that they often all get picked off in the first few rounds. Patience is imperative in these competitions, particularly when there are a lot of players, don’t be tempted by the lure of bounties and all-ins and only call them when you have a strong hand.

And the Winner is

The site that ticks most of the boxes listed above, is PKR.com, which is by far the loosest poker site on the internet. On the flip side, those paying attention may have noticed that the sort of site you definitely wont find a large majority of loose players at is pokerstars.com. Yes it has some, but all poker sites have some; the point of this article was to discuss the one site that has the largest percentage of them, and we believe that without a shadow of a doubt that is PKR.com

The thing that makes PKR so loose is also its Unique Selling Point. Whereas other poker sites work on a simple 2D setup, typically with no dealer and a small 2D avatar representing the player and their position at the table, PKR works with a 3D dealer and fully animated 3D avatars that the players can control. As you can imagine, this attracts a lot of newbies to the game, and in theory it should also be popular with poker players, but in practice it is not. Online poker is about speed, whereas PKR is incredibly slow, emulating the feel and speed of a live poker event.

Another factor is that many professionals play more than one tournament at once, but with PKR you can’t play more than a couple, and even that will be a huge drain on your computer. As we discussed earlier, that’s the reason why PKR is loose, but it is also the reason why many know it is loose and yet still refuse to take advantage of it. They’d rather stick to playing the better players, using faster software and multiple tables to do so. And that means that PKR will remain loose, ripe for the plucking.

Advertising: Not only does PKR advertise on a lot of sports related content, rarely concentrating on poker, but its advertisements are geared towards its 3D content. This is its USP after all, so it would be stupid not to push it, but it means that instead of pushing the size of guaranteed tournaments, or the quality of the steps tournaments (which are really good) and attracting the real poker players as a result, it pushes the fantasy of combining 3D graphics with gambling and therefore attracting those looking for some quick, cheap fun.
Bonuses: The bonuses at PKR change all of the time, but they often include several gimmicks, free-rolls and more. It prides itself on being the, “most rewarding club in poker” and many of the things that players can buy with their reward points are essentially pointless animations that serve to enhance the game much like DL content would for a console game or an app.
Free-rolls: PKR have a large percentage of free-rolls compared to their standard tournaments. They also have some of the best free-rolls around as they are very popular with new and old members alike.

Other top poker rooms for loose players include Betway and Paddy Power, both of which are sports books first. 888 is also a sports book, and many other things, but the competition there is fairly fierce and the 888 poker room has been open a long time, so don’t expect to run into too many loose players there. Betfair used to be great for loose players, but they switched networks.