Legit US Poker Rooms

The most legitimate poker sites worldwide are always worth seeking out, as they represent everything that a player is looking for in the arena of online gaming. Once you’ve found a site that meets your needs, then you can concentrate on more important things like choosing the proper tournament or outwitting a clever opponent.

This page details some of the most reputable online poker rooms in the world. It also includes some tips on what to look for when deciding whether or not a virtual card room is reliable. You’ll still have to contend with other players in order to win any money, but at least you can do so without the odds being stacked against you.

Best Legitimate Poker Sites for Real Money !

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No matter were you live, a number of quality Texas Hold’em sites are willing to meet your needs. Some specialize in poker, while others have hundreds of different casino games to choose from. In either case, you can deposit your money knowing that you’ll receive superior customer service and a fair game every time.

PokerStars – Far and away the largest poker site in the world, PokerStars is well-known for its integrity and fairness. No Internet cardroom is more legitimate than PokerStars. They recently bought Full Tilt Poker, too. Unfortunately, United States players aren’t accepted for real money play there.
iPoker – This is the brand name for Playtech’s poker product. Playtech provides online casino game software for some of the biggest names in online gaming, including Everest Poker, Paddy Power, Sun Poker, and Titan Poker. Even though the site is legitimate, some players complain that the software doesn’t run as smoothly as that of PokerStars. Also, like PokerStars, the iPoker network doesn’t accept real money play from the U.S.A.

Party Poker – One of the oldest and most respected Internet poker sites, Party Poker is one of the only real competitors to PokerStars. Like their larger competitor, they also only serve an international office, and real money play from the United States is forbidden.

Bodog/Bovada – For players from the United States, this is the most obvious and best choice for a legitimate Texas holdem site. They offer plenty of action at the holdem tables, but some of the other games have sparse competition available.

Signs of a Reliable Online Card Room

Fishy poker sites have common practices, and the same applies to reliable card rooms. The next time you need a place to play, search for these patterns of behavior before signing up.

Superior Customer Service – When you have a question for an online poker site, there’s nothing more frustrating than being ignored or interacting with someone who could obviously care less. The top Internet card rooms make sure that their customer service department is well-trained, polite, and knowledgeable about their product. With any luck, they’ll be able to answer your question or resolve your problem within minutes.

Stable Ownership – The owners of some Internet gambling sites seem crazy, and some players have been threatened and harassed when dealing with these people. The operators of stable poker sites, meanwhile, tend to be level-headed and professional at all times. Which person would you rather deal with?

Fair Gaming – If you’ve ever played at a poker room with rigged software, then you know how frustrating it can be. While the game is challenging enough to begin with, the presence of corrupt algorithms can entirely eliminate any chance of success. Sites that adhere to a fair gaming policy always offer random number generators to ensure everyone has an equal chance.

No Bots – Some establishments pack the table with virtual players in an effort to keep human players from winning. This is a despicable practice, and you should never encounter such behavior at the best online poker sites.

Fast Payouts – Once you’ve overcome the competition and raked in a serious amount of cash at the poker tables, you’ll want to make a withdrawal and spend some of your hard-earned money. The sites on this list are known for paying customers as fast as possible, while less reputable establishments may take forever or try to avoid payment entirely.

No Hidden Terms – The terms and conditions section of a website is always a hassle to read, but there’s a lot of important information contained within. With a reputable poker site, you can at least be assured that the terms you see are the only ones available. Otherwise, you might find out that the shady site you played at has secret rules preventing you from collecting your winnings.

Licensed – Reliable gaming sites are licensed by a third-party source that monitors activities to ensure the best customer experience. If a site isn’t licensed by someone, then they can cheat with impunity.

Security – It’s important that a site is able to keep your sensitive data private, and it’s even more crucial that they don’t exploit this data for their own selfish purposes. Reputable casinos and card rooms never share your information or resort to practices such as spamming. For those that do, there’s a special section of Hell set aside.

Solid Reputation – Once an Internet poker site has been in business for a while, it begins to develop a reputation. This could be positive or negative, but it’s always based on factors ranging from customer service to the quality of available games. While a more thorough examination is always suggested, a quick analysis of a site’s reputation is a good place to start.
While shady Internet cardrooms make people sick to their stomachs, the most legitimate poker sites worldwide are like beacons of hope in an otherwise darkened landscape. Winning at online poker is hard enough without questionable business practices, and the sites listed here recognize and appreciate that fact. The next time you’re in the mood to risk your hard-earned money in a game of cards, reward one of the sites that adheres to the concepts of honesty and fair play.

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