Jungleman Considers 3/1 Action on Mercier Bracelet Win

The 2013 World Series of Poker is finally here. Today, May 29, registration is open and in just a few hours, the first two official events will begin. If there wasn’t enough action to be had on the felt, some of the biggest poker pros are establishing action of their own on the sidelines. Jason Mercier, in particular, has laid odds on the chances that he will win another WSOP bracelet, offering 3 to 1 payouts to any takers, and our dear friend Daniel “jungleman12” Cates has made it clear that he might be interested in taking that bet.

On May 23, Mercier posted via his Twitter account, @JasonMercier:

“Looking for action at 3 to 1 on winning a bracelet this summer. Also willing to bet on myself vs almost anyone and lay small odds…”

Mercier then added a stipulation to the wager, saying:

“… Players I won’t lay odds against- Ivey, @RealKidPoker and @phil_hellmuth” (referring, of course, to Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and 13-time WSOP bracelet winner/record holder Phil Hellmuth)

“U can bet on Daniel or Hellmuth against me at even money. X amount per bracelet… If I don’t know u too well we can escrow”

Interest was immediately shown from various directions, questions were asked, in particular about the minimum bet for a 3:1 bracelet wager. The response was a minimum $3k bet to win $1k, and that the wager must be escrowed (assuming Mercier doesn’t know the person).

Daniel Cates, aka jungleman12 (Full Tilt Poker) and @junglemandan (Twitter) replied to the offer around 11 o’clock that night, confirming his interest and inquiring how to make it happen. The conversation was as follows:

Cates: “@JasonMercier I want to bet against you on winning bracelet 3:1 (not saying you arent good, just think the line is not 3:1). How to do this?”

Mercier: “@junglemandan how much are u looking to bet”

Cates: “@JasonMercier I want to bet kind of a lot but I want to get more info, can we talk about this in private?”

And that’s where the discussion left off, at least to the public eye. It is not known just how much Daniel staked, or if, in fact, he staked anything at all, but we can safely assume that there is a sizeable amount of cash on the line.

Over the next few days, Jason continued to Tweet his interest in taking bracelet bets with comments like:

“Need action. Want action. Come on guys #bracelethunting”

“Still looking for more bracelet bets… @viktorblom”


“Still want a little more 3:1 action on winning a bracelet this summer …”

Yesterday, with just 24 hours remaining until the start of the 2013 WSOP, it almost appeared as if Mercier was getting desperate, increasing the odds to lay on Hellmuth.

“Down to about 24 hours left to book bracelet bets… Anyone wanting to take Hellmuth ill lay 1.05 on most bracelets this summer.. Lemme kno”

Hopefully, as the WSOP gets underway and Mercier either does or does not find himself with a shiny new trinket around his wrist, more information will be revealed as to how much was staked against the Team PokerStars Pro. We all know has the ability to earn a bracelet. He owns two of them already, earned in 2009 and 2011 respectively, and if he’s running in a pattern of skip-every-other-year, he’s due to win one this time around. If nothing else, we can applaud the young American poker pro for his incredible surplus of self-confidence.

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