New Internet Poker Wall of Fame to Induct PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg

We’ve all heard of the Poker Hall of Fame, an organization that’s been enshrining the legacies of the world’s most prolific poker players and contributors to the game since it was created by Benny Binion in 1979. Now, there’s a new ceremonial honoring system called the Internet Poker Wall of Fame, and the #1 desire of its creators is to see the induction of PokerStars founder, Isai Scheinberg.

Isai Scheinberg to be First Internet Poker Wall of Fame InducteeIt’s a curious notion really, but one that Terrence Chan and Adam Schwartz, co-founders of the Internet Poker Wall of Fame, are extremely passionate about. Of course, most of you will remember that Isai Scheinberg is still wanted by the US government for his role in the events of Black Friday, but legal matters have nothing to do with induction qualifications.

The majority of the online poker community is beholden to Mr. Scheinberg for his contributions to the game; not just online, but in the live realm as well. He and his son, Mark, were responsible for the foundation of what soon became the world’s most beloved online poker room—and still is to this day—on September 11, 2001.

Under Scheinberg’s direction, PokerStars grew to enormous heights and helped to spearhead the movement of live tournament sponsorships via the European Poker Tour (EPT). The Schienberg’s sold PokerStars’ parent company, Rational Group, to Amaya Gaming in 2014, but the current lack of ownership does not erase his years of involvement and dedication to the growth of poker.

Terrence Chan goes to Bat for Isai Scheinberg

Isai’s contributions were so profound that Terrence Chan—a live and online poker pro, as well as professional MMA fighter—lobbied hard for his induction to the Poker Hall of Fame last year. However, there’s still that one little indiscretion (he’s wanted by the FBI) that held the community back from honoring the PokerStars founder.

Earlier this year, Chan vocalized his fervid conviction that Isai deserved—above all other nominees—to be honored with a Poker Hall of fame Induction. “Is there anyone more deserving?” asked Chan. “Of course not. This is a man that is responsible for much of the poker world that we live in.

“What would the 2015 poker landscape look like without PokerStars? Without the EPT? Without the contributions of his employees that were trained in the proper way to run an online poker site?” This from Chan, a former founder and operator of customer support organizations for PokerStars (2002-04) and Nevada’s former Ultimate Poker (2013-14).

Chan went on to applaud the “world-wide exposure the game has enjoyed” thanks to Scheinberg’s vision, estimating that the live and online poker community would be “considerably smaller than it currently is” had it not been for the man’s esteemed efforts.

When Chan’s appeal was rejected, he and his 2+2 Pokercast co-host, Adam Schwartz, made it their mission to devise a new honorary ceremony in which Isai Scheinberg can be exalted. And considering the team of Chan and Schwartz are solely responsible for selecting the winners, there’s no doubt that Scheinberg will receive the very first induction to the Internet Poker Wall of Fame.

Weekly Nominations & Inductions

The creators are asking members of the 2+2 forums to nominate additional poker players to the Wall of Fame. Submissions can be made here (a 2+2 membership is required to post).

The only conditions for nomination is that the person being nominated must have played at least one online poker hand in their lifetime. Each week, Chan and Schwartz will scour the list of nominees and choose the next inductee based on their qualifying merits.

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