Is Gus Hansen taking another break from online poker after $56k win?

Gus Hansen, aka The Great Dane, is one of the most recognized professional poker players of our time. At 40 years of age, he’s racked up over $9 million and a throng of championship titles. Unfortunately, in recent years, he’s become better known for his exorbitant losses in the online poker realm. After returning to Full Tilt from a 3 month hiatus, he may be trying to reverse the pattern with intermittent breaks.

Gus Hansen online poker hiatus results in $56k profitHighstakesDB has been tracking Hansen for years now, dating back to November of 2006. In all that time, the Dane’s Full Tilt account has never been inactive for any noticeable period of time, except of course during the 19 months the online poker room was offline following the Black Friday debacle (April 2011 – November 2012). Then suddenly, Hansen dropped from sight, with his last day of activity recorded on September 3rd, 2014, and his losses to date recorded at a staggering -$20.4 million.

Just as abruptly as Hansen disappeared, he emerged once more in the final week of November, and at first, it appeared his pattern was going to continue. Over the next four days, he dropped another $132.2k at the high stakes cash tables. On the fifth day, however, Gus Hansen realized the turnaround in luck he’d been waiting five years for, reclaiming the $132.2k he’d just lost, plus an additional $56.6k to the good. And with that, he disappeared back into the shadows.

Could it be that The Great Dane has decided to no longer play online poker on a regular basis? Perhaps his new strategy is to play his way to a profit, then take a break. Or maybe there’s a more technical reason behind the sudden loss of interest in Full Tilt.

It was announced in October that Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom were being dropped from sponsorship as the online poker site’s elite duo, known as The Professionals. By examining the activity of his fellow former Full Tilt Pro, we find that Blom’s graph on HighstakesDB also flat lines around the middle of October, only to pick back up slightly in early December.

While the reality of the matter is unknown, it would make sense that Gus Hansen – like the majority of us who work day in and day out – has found himself burned out from the daily grind (pun intended). We all need a good long break sometimes; a vacation from work to clear our minds and re-center our focus.

If Gus Hansen can maintain this new pattern, taking a few months off and averaging $56k upon each return, he could actually turn around his -$20.4 million deficit and break even in… about 90 years.

Maybe that’s not such a realistic goal, after all. But considering The Great Dane is no longer under contract, he also has the opportunity to visit other online poker networks, perhaps under a new moniker that no one yet knows. And we also have to figure in that Hansen has sustained phenomenal success on the live poker circuit.

Gus has 1 WSOP bracelet and 2 WPT titles under his belt, amounting to $11,258,052 in career live tournament earnings. That total catapults him to 1st place on Denmark’s all-time money list and 20th in all the world.

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