Fishy Poker Sites

When someone searches for the “fishiest” real money Texas holdem sites, they’re not looking for sites that are unethical or somehow have fishy business practices. In poker terms, a site that’s fishy has a lot of “fish” playing. Fish are weak players.

Depending on your skill level as a Texas holdem player, you might be able to make a living playing by just limiting yourself to playing with these weaker opponents. On the other hand, once you start going up in stakes, you’ll see fewer fish at the tables. They’re still there, though.

This page looks at where the fish are schooling and how you can best take advantage of that.

The Fishiest Poker Sites for Real Money !

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PokerStars has a reputation for stiff competition, but this reputation is largely undeserved. At the lower stakes, PokerStars has just as many fish as any other site. But in any ocean that has lots of small fish, bigger fish are also there preying on the smaller fish.

The trick to making money from the fish at this site is sticking with the tables where you’re the predator. Once you realized that one or two other players at the table are highly skilled, move on to another table and take advantage of the guppies there.

Unfortunately, if you’re from the United States, playing at PokerStars isn’t an option. They no longer accept real money players from the U.S.A.

The iPoker Network

Playtech has offered software to online casino providers since the beginning of the online gambling industry. Poker is a relatively new offering for them, but it’s increasingly popular. What’s great about this is that many of the players are trying poker for the first time.

In other words, a large percentage of the players on the iPoker network are casino players who are just giving poker a spin. This means that there’s a lot of dead money at the table, and a shark with a scent for blood can take advantage of this.

The iPoker network does have a couple of disadvantages, though. For one thing, real money players from the United States aren’t accepted there. For another, the software is less robust than you’ll find at PokerStars, and the player pool isn’t as large either. Neither of those disadvantages is enough to keep us away from their network of sites though.

Some of the sites in the iPoker network include,, Paddy Power, Sun Poker, and Titan Poker.

Party Poker

Besides PokerStars, no brand name in the Internet poker industry is as well known as Party Poker. That translates to opportunity for sharks. When you have this many new players signing up for and playing real money poker games online, then there will always be plenty of money to be made.

Party Poker caters to and markets to beginners. When I was first starting to play serious poker, a buddy of mine and I were playing in a game with some really young players. I expressed my concern that we were taking advantage of kids. My friend pointed out that someone at the table was going to take their money, and it might as well be us.

He was right, and the same line of thinking applies here. Someone is going to take advantage of the large number of beginners who are getting started at Party Poker. It might as well be us.

Unless we’re from the United States, that is. Like the other two networks, PokerStars and iPoker, Party doesn’t accept real money players from the U.S.A.


Finally we get to a poker site which caters to real money players from the United States, and as luck would have it, this is one of the fishiest sites of the bunch. Bovada’s business is largely made up of sports bettors and casino players. These are players who make a quick score on a football bet or a slots jackpot, and then they decide to blow a few dollars at the poker table.

You’ll find the most action at the lower stakes tables, but you’ll occasionally find a live one at the middle stakes and high stakes holdem tables, too. If you’re not from the United States, you can find the same kind of action at Bodog, which used to be owned by the same company.

How to Find and Evaluate Fishy Poker Sites

You’re looking for specific criteria when you have your “fish radar” turned on. You’re looking for loose, passive players. So look for tables where lots of players are calling lots of bets and seeing lots of hands down to the river.

You also want to adjust your playing style based on the play. When you’re playing at a site where a lot of players are “schooling”, drawing hands increase in value, because you’re more likely to get paid off. Premium starting hands like AA and KK are still great, but they’re more likely to get drawn out on.

One thing you should also always keep in mind when fishing is that you don’t want to scare away all the fish. Be friendly. Compliment others’ play. Chat. If you come across as an unfriendly, aggressive, money-grubbing shark, the fish will find somewhere else to play.

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