Entropay Poker Deposits: The Best Kept Secret in Online Financing

Virtual Visa for Entropay Poker DepositsFor online poker players, the security of their personal and financial information is a top priority. Any long-time player can attest to the fact that the number of reliable payment options has shrunk dramatically over the last 5-10 years, and not everyone is comfortable sharing their credit card details over the internet. With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to inform fellow internet gamers about Entropay poker deposits; perhaps the best kept secret in online financing.

In my personal experience, Entropay poker deposits have been a boon to the iGaming industry. It works as a Virtual Visa card, meaning it can be used in place of a physical Visa credit/debit card, and because it’s prepaid, only the amount of funds you choose to load are available for transfer. As such, Entropay poker deposits are much safer and incredibly convenient for the wary minded individual.

How to make Entropay Poker Deposits

The first step is to set up an Entropay account by visiting the website and clicking the Sign Up link. You’ll be asked to provide only a few details, including your first and last name, date of birth, country of residence and email address. Theirs is no lengthy verification process involved, as is found with most eWallets (online payment processors).

After choosing a username and secure password, you can start loading funds onto a Virtual Visa card, either by using a credit/debit card or facilitating a local bank transfer. The website is secured with “https” technology (look for it in the URL box of your browser), so there’s no need to worry about the security of the transaction.

Simply enter the required information and the amount you wish to place on the card, then click submit. A Virtual Visa card is instantly issued, including a unique card number, security code and expiration date—the same info required to make purchases with a physical Visa debit card.

From there, you can visit any online gaming site that accepts Visa or Entropay poker deposits. Note that, because it is a Virtual Visa, any poker site that accepts Visa Debit will, by default, accept Entropay. If the Entropay logo is not displayed on the operator’s banking page, simply choose Visa as your deposit method and follow the on-screen instructions.

Entropay Poker Withdrawals

Withdrawing money to your Entropay Virtual Visa isn’t quite as easy as making a deposit, but the more you know, the easier the process will be.

First things first, Entropay poker withdrawals are instantly delivered to the Virtual Visa card the moment an operator processes the withdrawal request. That’s the good news. Getting those funds back to the user’s credit/debit card or bank account will take a bit more time and effort.

I personally recommend withdrawing from Entropay to a bank account. It takes up to 7 business days, but initiating the request is much easier. With a bank account linked, you can log into Entropay and visit the Transfer Funds page, choose how much to transfer and then simply wait for the cash to arrive.

Refunding money to the original credit/debit card used to fund the Entropay poker deposit is a bit more difficult. You must first visit Entropay’s online Help Centre and write an email requesting the transfer. In the email, you must provide your Entropay account details, the last four digits of the card being refunded to and the amount to withdrawal. You must also state that you agree to fees associated with a refund (see ’Fees Associated with Entropay Poker Deposits/Withdrawals’ below).

It should also be noted that Entropay will only refund the credit/debit card up to the original amount deposited to the Virtual Visa via that card in the last 12 months. For example, if you load $100 a month on your Entropay card, then request a refund of $1,500 to your credit card, only $1,200 will be transferred.

Fees associated with Entropay Poker Deposits/Withdrawals

Not much in this life comes without a price tag, and that rings true for Entropay poker deposits as well. There is no fee incurred for setting up an account or actually making a deposit at an online poker room, but everything else comes with a small charge.

Each time you load money onto your Virtual Visa, there will be a fee of 4.95%. For example, loading $100 onto the card will cost you $104.95, whereas a $500 transfer would cost $524.75.

Entropay poker withdrawals also incur of fee of 1.95%. For example, if you request a withdrawal of $200 from an online poker room, only $196.10 will appear in your Entropay account after the 1.95% fee of $3.90 is removed.

Refunding money from your Entropay card onto the original credit/debit card also incurs a flat-rate fee of $6.

Additionally, should you need to make a transfer to or from your Entropay card in a different currency, there will be a flat rate exchange fee of $2.

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