EcoPayz Poker Deposits: 15 Years of Fast & Secure Payments for Online Players

The key to playing online poker for real money is being able to deposit and withdrawal funds in a fast, safe and secure manner. Over the years, EcoPayz poker payments have earned that unrelenting classification. Now celebrating its 15th anniversary as a trusted online payment solution, the company has become a top-tier choice for the online poker community.

EcoPayz PokerEcoPayz (formerly EcoCard) is one of the oldest, longest-lasting online payment solutions in the business, established in 2000. Having facilitated EcoPayz poker payments for years without err, the parent company, PSI-Pay LTD, took the next step by receiving regulatory accreditation from the FCA in 2008. The next year, EcoPayz teamed up with MasterCard for the purpose of physical card issuing to their members.

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Also in 2009, EcoPayz poker players were provided with an iPhone app to expedite the payment process. Further advancements came with each passing year, including multi-lingual support, business account opportunities and a comprehensive mobile website.

In 2013, having grown into so much more than an easy way to move funds online, the company chose to rebrand itself. The EcoCard name was dropped, replaced with a more modern and fitting brand, EcoPayz.

Ease of EcoPayz Poker Payments

One of the primary benefits of exercising EcoPayz poker deposits and withdrawals is their wide rate of acceptance. Online poker players can use EcoPayz at any website that displays the EcoCard / EcoPayz logo, and if a user chooses to extend their service beyond a standard EcoAccount to a physical or virtual EcoPayz MasterCard, they can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Opening an EcoAccount

Registering an account is free, and requires only basic information like name, address, email and, of course, the details for the funding method of choice (bank account, credit/debit card, prepaid card, etc.). If applying for a physical of virtual EcoPayz MasterCard, an additional form must be filled out. Once complete, an activation code is sent to you email, with a link to supply the code and activate the account.

Note that EcoPayz is not available for US customers at this time.

If selected, a Physical EcoPayz MasterCard will be sent to the user via conventional mail. It is a debit card that draws directly from your EcoPayz account and can be used at any merchant that accepts MasterCard, as well as ATMs worldwide.

A Virtual EcoPayz MasterCard can be used at any online merchant that accepts MasterCard. To ensure 110% security, half of the card number is sent to the users email address, and the other half via text message.

EcoPayz Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

To make an EcoPayz poker deposit, simply visit the poker site of choice, visit the banking page and click on the EcoCard or EcoPayz logo. Fill in the necessary information, choose the amount to deposit and submit. The funds are instantly available for use in the poker account.

Withdrawals can also be processed from a poker site to your EcoPayz account. Once the operator processes the withdrawal, the funds are instantly available.

Account holders can then withdrawal funds from EcoPayz in one of two ways. They can be transferred to a bank account associated with the EcoPayz account, or—if the user has elected to receive a physical EcoPayz MasterCard—can be withdrawn from an ATM machine.

Fees Associated with EcoPayz Poker Payments

Like all eWallets, there are some fees associated with EcoPayz accounts.

EcoPayz Account Fees: For Canadian customers only, transferring funds into an EcoPayz account via credit card incurs a 2.9% fee (all other countries are free). There is a 1.5% fee when transferring funds from one EcoPayz account to another. Withdrawing funds from EcoPayz to a bank account imposes a flat $10 fee.

EcoPayz Virtual MasterCard Fees: The only recurring fee associated with an EcoPayz Virtual account is a 2% transaction fee, meaning every time a user loads, pays or withdraws funds, a 2% fee is charged. Other fees include a $1 cancellation fee, $2.50 expiration fee and $12.50 card replacement fee.

EcoPayz Physical MasterCard Fees: Users are responsible for 2% transaction and withdrawal fees, and 4% fees on a cash advance. Other fees include a $0.20 cancellation fee, $2.50 expiration fee and $12.50 card renewal/replacement fee.

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