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It can be difficult to keep your entire bankroll in your gambling account, and after the events of Black Friday there are those who refuse to take such a risk. Many poker pros were hit hard during that incident and one of them, Vegas pro Robert Fellner, had over $250.000 in his Pokerstars account, which was frozen during Black Friday, no doubt making his heart skip several beats. He eventually got his money back though and providing that the website you use is legitimate, and that gambling is legal in your state or country, then you shouldn’t have any issues. We wouldn’t recommend keeping a bankroll of a quarter of a million dollars in your poker account though, not unless you have an income that affords you the ability to ignore such an amount.

How much you deposit and how much you cashout is imperative. For an effective bankroll strategy you should never deposit more than you can afford to lose, you should never make regular top-ups when you lose and you should never cashout more than 90% of your bankroll in the hope that you can build more with the remaining 10%, because you’ll inevitably lose that and will have to revert to more deposits.

Some players prefer to take bankroll management to the next step, with a Cashout System. This allows players to cashout regularly whilst still leaving enough money in their account to continue to grow as a player. It effectively “rewards” them for playing as opposed to winning, encouraging them to play more games and therefore to learn more about poker, and it can be a great way for poker players to discipline themselves whilst ensuring they don’t lose everything on a bad streak.

The deposit and cashout options should be one of the first things you consider when choosing a poker site, as not only do you need a safe server that will keep your money where it belongs, but it is preferable to find one that can process your cashouts quickly. A site that can do this can be vital to helping you grow as a player.

Quickest Cashout Poker Sites

In the words of Paul Newman in The Color of Money, “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned” and when it comes to poker, it’s even sweeter when that money lands in your bank account. Unfortunately, bureaucracy can get in the way and sometimes your money will need to pass through the dreaded “3 to 5 working days” barrier. There are some options which come with an even more daunting barrier, warning you that it could take up to 8 weeks for you to receive your money, by which time you might have won and lost the same amount ten times over.

That’s not always the case though and there are plenty of sites out there that process payments quickly. The one thing that annoys many players is that deposits are instant and withdrawals rarely are, but in the case of SkyPoker, they can be. The whole SkyBet network is very fast, and once you make a withdrawal then it often takes just 24 hours (providing it’s a weekday) for that money to land in your bank account. There are also no extra charges and the minimum withdrawal amount is tiny.

One site that takes a little longer is Pokerstars, viewed by many as the best poker site around. The actual withdrawal process is not too slow, but Pokerstars currently have an anti-fraud system in place which stops people from making a withdrawal within 48 hours of making a deposit. The same applies for a few other sites, and although it is done with safety in mind, that means little to the poker players keen to get their winnings.

Many sites connected to the iPoker network are very quick, although in truth this depends entirely on the individual websites. At Betfair you might encounter problems if it’s your first withdrawal, as they have been known to run security checks and to ask customers to verify their identity, a process that can take weeks. The same goes for Dafabet. Paddy Power, William Hill and Ladbrokes also have such systems in place, but they tend to be used much less than Betfair, and providing that you have a searchable credit rating for them to check, then you will be okay. If you pay attention to your credit report then you may receive a notice that these sites have run a credit check on you during the withdrawal process, but that’s perfectly normal.

888 Poker are quickly becoming one of the most popular poker sites around. With regular bonuses that offer $88 in free cash, a superstar of sport behind it (cricketer Shane Warne) and the backing of a very popular sports book and casino, they have filled a gap in the market and there are reports that they may soon become the third most popular poker site. Poker traffic monitoring site Poker Scout have reported that there are close to 3.500 cash players on 888 Poker at any given time, and whilst this is nowhere near the tens of thousands on Pokerstars, it is significantly higher than PKR and SkyPoker. Cashouts on 888 Poker are very quick and easy, as you would expect from a business that processes millions of dollars every week. There are few problems ever reported and those that do encounter issues usually see them resolved quickly.

The OnGame poker network, which is owned by the same multinational company that now owns Pokerstars, is also good when it comes to banking options, with skins from Betsson Poker, Red Kings and more offering access to this network and providing players with fast withdrawals. Betsson have been in operation for decades and are the biggest gambling company in Sweden, so although they may not be as well known globally, this is definitely a company that can be trusted when it comes to quick cashouts. Other sites to consider include Tony Bet, PKR and Coral, all of which have made significant ground in the online poker world over the last year or so.

When it comes to sites that allow players in the United States to join, the options are very limited. Many of these sites offer slow payout options such as checks and wire transfers, but there are those that pride themselves on a variety of options. Carbon Poker is one of these, and this quickly growing site is also popular with players around the world. As well as credit cards and debit cards, they also process checks, wire transfers and online payment services such as Skrill. The Winning poker network, a big poker network for US players, claims to have the fastest withdrawals anywhere, and this is a claim that has been verified time and time again by its customers. The most popular site on the Wining poker network is America’s Cardroom.