Dwan and Cates may face Schedule Enforcement of Durrrr Challenge

A few months ago, we all watched as Daniel “jungleman12” Cates began publically blasting his Durrrr Challenge opponent, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, for what he believed to be dodgy tactics. Dwan insisted that he was not avoiding completion of the challenge, and accusations flew back and forth between them for the next few days. Then began that start of the 2013 World Series of Poker, and the subject pretty much died out for awhile.

In mid June, things became heated once more when the two started posting on the popular online poker community forums of TwoPlusTwo. Jungleman once again took low blows at Dwan, while durrrr continued to defend his position, forced to reveal a lot more information than he wanted to out of respect to Daniel Cates himself.

For instance, it was revealed that some time back, Cates had asked Tom Dwan to borrow $50,000, to be subtracted from the amount escrowed for the challenge. Dwan was not in any real position to be making a loan of that size, but chose to lend the money to his poker foe anyway, giving him$100k instead of $50k. After some time, Dwan asked for the money back, or at least for half of it, after learning Cates had been repaid a large sum of money owed him from Phil Ivey, but Cates said no.

A short time later, Daniel Cates began complaining publicly, via social networks, that Tom Dwan was dodging his efforts to get the Durrrr Challenge rolling again. Dwan pointed out several times that his primary residence is in the United States, which disallows him access to Full Tilt Poker when he is home (which is the majority of the time). Dwan didn’t want to bring up the money lending drama, but changed his mind in June due to Cates’ repeated posting. Tom told the thousands of members of 2+2 who were following the threads exactly what he felt about jungleman’s continuous accusations that Dwan was dodging completion of the Durrrr Challenge, ending with a statement that really seemed to hit home for Cates (edited for grammatical reasons):

“I didn’t ask you to play since I thought it was a douchey thing to do [in reference to the loan]. Because obviously if you had money to play 200-400 you would’ve been able to pay me back the 100k you owed me… anyone with decent etiquette should agree it’d be douchey to asks a dude who says he needs 100k badly ‘you ready for 4 tables 200/400 yet?’”

That final statement caused a marginally amicable response from Daniel the following day. While he wasn’t pleased with Dwan’s repetitive use of the terms “scummy” and “douchey” when describing his poker foe, he was in agreement that the name-calling one both sides had gone too far, and that better communication would have superior results; not just for the two of them, but for the countless railbirds who have invested in the impending outcome of the Durrrr Challenge and would like nothing more than to see this thing come to fruition. With that in mind, all were happy to see jungleman’s response ending with the following:
“I can agree that being nice in person and talking bad on a forum isn’t good communication… I’ll see if I can talk to you in person about this since you seem willing to comply and I’ll try to be a bit more civil.”

The latest word from Cates is eludes to the fact that he and Dwan have settled their differences for the most part and have come to an agreement on how often they will play the Durrrr Challenge. Cates posted at 2+2 on July 22 (some grammatical changes made to improve fluency):

“Regarding the durrrr challenge, we agreed to play a min of 4k hands/month, and then 8k hands every 2 months afterwards. If we don’t play 4k hands a month in august, then restrictions will be made. I guess restrictions means scheduled times, penalties for not complying… I will be posting here in August/September if this doesn’t help state of challenge.”

At the moment, the Durrrr Challenge has seen 19,335 of the required 50,000 hands played, with Cates leading by just over $1.25 million. If these two can sit down long enough to play the agreed upon 4,000 hands per month on Full Tilt Poker, the Durrrr Challenge should finally be completed in March of 2014.

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