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Welcome to my directory, where I’ve attempted to compile a cornucopia of resources that you will hopefully find useful, if not didactically enlightening. As you may know by now, I am an avid explorer of the information highway, constantly seeking additional knowledge of just about anything having to do with online poker and card gaming in general, as well as the progression of multi-media entertainment.

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First and foremost, I’d like to declare that the following list of web sites begets no gain on my behalf. I receive no compensation of any kind from the links presented herein. These are merely quality web sites from which I’ve gained personal edification, and I’m happy to share them with anyone else interested in achieving analogous enrichment.

Secondly, I would ask that everyone please refrain from requesting linkage on this page. I have no doubt that your web sites are wholesome, intellectually sound and thoroughly entertaining, but I am pursuing the development of other areas of my own site at the moment. I appreciate your understanding in advance.

With no further ado, please feel free to browse the wealth of resources below.

The Academics of Texas Holdem Poker

Penn State University: Dealing with Imperfect Information in Poker

One of my personal favorites, this page offers a compilation of linked data assembled by PSU representatives over the years; a current total of 15 citations, mostly dealing with the scientific study of game theory and player profiling. The use of AI poker programs is encouraged to develop intuitive skills for predicting the ingenuity and play-by-play objectives of seasoned Holdem players.

California State Polytechnic University: Statistical Analysis of Texas Holdem Poker

A most intriguing statistical analysis of an analytically inclined college student’s roommate, who played online poker professionally. This file was composed to study the effectiveness of various Texas Holdem techniques to provide a theoretical determination of how to yield the maximum potential of profit. Although the precise objective of the study was not met entirely, there is some very valuable information to be gained from the statistical results.

Academia: A Simulation System to Support Computer Poker Research

This document hones in on the benefits of AI poker systems in skill building, as well as the fundamental features necessary in their creation. It also presents the most concise, yet intelligible description of poker hand odds calculation I’ve encountered.

Texas Holdem from a Historical Perspective

Wikipedia: Texas Holdem History

Short and sweet; the history of Texas Holdem poker, from its roots in the small town of Robstown, Texas, to its introduction to Las Vegas by legendary players like Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson and Amarillo Slim, to its proliferation throughout Europe in the 1980’s.

Strategic Evaluations of Texas Holdem

Harvard University: Human Wagering Behavior Depends on Opponents’ Faces

This study was conducted and compiled by a number of students from Harvard, MIT and Cal Tech, specializing in fields of psychology, biology, economics and brain and cognitive sciences. It discusses the theory that Texas Holdem players can be categorized and prophesied based on their personality and projected attitude, while theorizing that the “best ‘poker face’ for bluffing” is one “that contains emotional correlates of happiness” (i.e. a positive attitude); a direct contradiction to the standard definition of a “neutral” poker face.

University of Chicago: The Role of Skill versus Luck in Poker

Sparked by the legal issues of online poker in the United States, and the US government’s former admonishment of poker as a game dominated by luck, this document studies the World Series of Poker to present evidence that Texas Holdem is, indeed, a game of skill.

Legalities of Real Money Online Poker in the USA


Official White House Response: What We Have to Say About Online Poker

An official statement from Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, regarding the recent petition campaign by US citizens to “protect consumers, create jobs and generate revenue by licensing and regulating online poker.” In essence, Deese explains that legalization lies on the shoulders of individual states to determine and execute their own laws, so long as they do not violate federal laws in the meantime.

Poker Players Alliance: State Resources

A categorical compilation of current state bills, pending bill activity and recent news, sorted by individual states.

Poker Players Alliance: Federal Resources

A catalogue of current federal legislative activities concerning online poker and internet gambling in general. Includes relative news and the status of correlating house bills.