Online Poker Player Pooling has Positive Impact on Delaware iPoker Revenue

Delaware may be known for a lot of things, but size is not one of them. It is home to the 6th smallest population in the US, boasting just under one million residents in 2014. As such, state officials were well aware that Delaware iPoker revenue would not be a significant factor in the growth of government tax coffers. And while that fact remains true today, it is worth noting that the player pooling compact with Nevada has resulted in an increase of 26% more revenue in March.Delaware iPoker Revenue up 26% March 2015

Making the story even more interesting is the time frame in which Delaware iPoker experienced the increase in traffic. In February of 2014, Gov. Markell signed an interstate compact to share liquidity with Nevada’s online poker players. However, shared liquidity took more than a year to happen, going into effect on March 24, 2015. That means the boost in online poker revenue came from just one week of pooled player bases.

Delaware iPoker revenue for the month of March was tallied at $43,636, an increase of $9,110 from February’s $34,526. That’s an overall increase of 26%. The number of new players registering an online gambling account in the Diamond State also rose over 11% from 274 in February to 306 in March; the highest number of new accounts since November 2014.

Delaware iPoker Leaders

There are only three land-based casinos—therefore 3 internet poker sites—operating in the state. The clear leader among them is Delaware Park, which generated $31,555 from interactive peer-to-peer gaming in March. That equates to 72% of all Delaware iPoker revenue for the month. Dover Downs had the second highest yield of $7,868 (18%), with Harrington Raceway bringing up the rear at $4,212 (10%).

Likewise, Delaware Park experienced the highest increase in month-over-month revenue, jumping 29.1% in March. Harrington Raceway saw the next highest percentage increase of 2.63%, while Dover Downs actually experienced a decline in revenue, dropping -5.2%.

When observing Delaware iPoker results in combination with interactive house-banked games, the results aren’t quite so impressive. Online casino gambling is separated into two categories; Table Games (blackjack, roulette, etc.), which generated $51,625 in March, and Video Lottery (online slots), which accounted for $50,926. That’s a combined total of $102,551.

Adding in the Delaware iPoker income gives the state a grand total of $146,188 in online gambling revenue in March 2015. The end result is a nominal 2.1% increase in overall yield compared to February’s $143,101.

Negligible Impact in Nevada

The impact on Nevada’s online poker market has been all but negligible. Prior to the initiation of the interstate player pooling compact, Nevada’s was averaging approximately 150 players over a 7 day period. Delaware, on the other hand, was lucky to average just 7. Now, since the 888-powered operators have networked their cash games and tournaments, both are averaging 170 players.

Will Delaware Revenue Continue to Soar?

The initial excitement over player pooling was strong, but the real question now is whether the effect will last. The answer to that question won’t be answered until next month, when regulators release the Delaware iPoker revenue results for the month of April 2015.

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