Seasonal Traffic Lows in iPoker miss Delaware, Revenue Up 11%

Active for more than 19 months, iPoker regulators in Delaware couldn’t be more pleased with the consistent rise in revenue. Online poker was a negligible asset in the Diamond State for the second half of 2014, but in the last three months, the market has seen a consistent upswing in yield; an idiosyncrasy compared to the downward seasonal trend occurring in the rest of the global iPoker industry.

Every year, when spring has sprung and summer is approaching, the birds are chirping and flowers blooming, everyone is spending more time outdoors and on the road. As such, online poker businesses are accustomed to seeing a palpable decline in traffic. In Delaware, the exact opposite is taking place.

iPoker Revenue Up Again in Delaware

Delaware iPoker Revenue up 11% in April 2015For the month of April, 2015, the combined revenue generation from online poker operators Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway came to $48,552.24. That figure represents an 11% increase from the previous month’s report.

Taking a step back in time to January of this year, Delaware was experiencing a 7-month low in iPoker revenue. The state’s three poker sites generated just $27,695.45; the lowest amount since reporting the market’s all-time low of $25,607.60 in June 2014.

When February came, the tides began to turn. That month, Delaware pulled in $34,526.78, up 25% from January. Then in March, the iPoker market grew another 26% to $43,636.32.

Delaware Park continues to maintain a dominant lead the Diamond State’s iPoker market, accounting for a staggering 71% of revenue. However, it was Dover Downs that received credit for largest growth in April, seeing a 36% upsurge in revenue.

iPoker Player Pooling Proves Beneficial in DE/NV

Why the consistent upsurge in online poker traffic, while just about every other online poker network around the world is on the decline? The pooling of players across Delaware’s three poker sites and Nevada’s has everything to do with it.

In February, it was announced that the long-awaited shared liquidity compact between Nevada and Delaware was set for imminent launch. Then in March, it finally happened. Players were pooled across what became known as the Multi-State Poker Network (MSPN).

The influx of traffic compared to the previously separate numbers of all sites involved wasn’t exactly breathtaking, increasing just 9% in the first month of MSPN’s existence, but the amount of time Delaware iPoker players spend playing online has jumped significantly.

Since the merge, players in the Diamond State have found cash games running on the network at all hours. Moreover, peak hour traffic has been extended due to the 3-hour time difference between the two states. And of course, due to the added traffic boost and operational teamwork, poker sites in Delaware are able to offer much more attractive guaranteed tournaments.

Will iPoker in Delaware Ever Surpass its 2013 Peak?

While the last three months have seen a substantial improvement in revenue, the $48.5k generated in April doesn’t come close to touching the state’s peak yield of $106,922.76 in December 2013. That market was fresh and players were excited to log on, but the fad wore off quickly, steadily dwindling to the state’s ultimate low of $25.6k in June 2014.

With the 2015 World Series of Poker in full swing in Nevada, May’s results are expected to climb once more, but whether Delaware can continue to grow moving into the fall is hard to say. The Diamond State still has a limited pool of players to draw from, but if Nevada’s 888-powered sites continue to grow – at least two more operators are expected to join the market in the foreseeable future – there’s no reason why Delaware’s iPoker shouldn’t expand right along with it.

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