Online poker magnate Bilzerian off the hook for “explosive” behavior

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you may be one of the 6.5 million followers of Dan Bilzerian. Or, you may know him as the founder of online poker site, Victory Poker. The inherent millionaire, often referred to as the ‘King of Instagram’, is counting his lucky stars today as he won’t be serving any jail time for his ‘explosive’ behavior last year.

No jail time for online poker baron Dan BilzerianOn December 9th, 2014, Bilzerian was arrested at LAX for possession of an explosive device—a device he and his friend, Jeremy Guymon, used in November to blow up a large vehicle on federal property near Las Vegas. With a possible sentence of up to 12 years in prison, Bilzerian pled no contest in court and were instead penalized with obligations to film a public service announcement, along with a $20,000 fine to clean up the resulting mess.

Last November, Bilzerian and Guymon took it upon themselves to attach 90 pounds worth of homemade explosive devices to an oversized truck. Then they backed up to what they assumed was a safe distance and proceeded to detonate the charge with a rifle. The result was a 300-yard spread of scattered scrap metal and debris and a small brush fire.

It was the ensuing blaze that got the attention of authorities, who rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire and discovered the mess left behind by Bilzerian and Guymon. However, it would have taken a lengthy investigation to link the online poker magnate and his friend back to the crime had it not been for Bilzerian’s eagerness to brag about their exploits to the millions of fans on his Instragram feed.

Ironically enough, the public service Bilzerian will be filing is for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), where he’ll be strongly advising viewers not to blow things up on federal land. Ostensibly, the judge felt that having such an immense following would make Dan Bilzerian the prime candidate for filming such a video.

When the penalty was offered, the defendants were quick to acquiesce to the deal, as was the prosecution. “It is largely unnecessary to go further based on the conditions of the plea and the facts of the case, said lead prosecutor David Stanton.

The son of Armenian Wall Street tycoon Paul Bilzerian, Dan has paid multiple visits to the court room in his 34 years. The first known incident occurred in his senior year of high school, when he was arrested for stowing a machine gun in his vehicle that was parked on school property. Three more legal matters arose last year alone.

In May of 2014, Bilzerian was taking part in a photo shoot for Hustler Magazine when he decided it would be a good idea to throw porn star Janice Griffith from the roof into the pol. She didn’t quite make it, breaking her ankle and costing Bilzerain $85k in settlement fees. Then in August, he kicked a woman in the face during a brawl at a Miami nightclub (which he’s subsequently been banned from). Then came the explosive incident in November that led to his BLM obligations and $20k fine.

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