Borgata NJ gives online poker grinders 4,500 reasons to play more

New Jersey’s Borgata Poker is calling all grinders of the virtual felt to the tables this month with a brand new promotion, aptly titled The Grind. The online poker site will be dishing up free poker chips and tournament tickets all throughout October to players who earn enough iReward Points (iRP). Those that play hard enough can earn as much as $4,500 in cash and tournament tickets.

Members of Borgata Poker are already earning iRP just for playing real money online poker, both at cash games and tournaments. But this month, those frequent player points will translate to even more rewards thanks to this new promotion geared towards their more serious players. The more iRP a player earns, the higher the rewards will be, starting with a free $1 tournament ticket for earnings just 100 iRP, and scaling to as high as $2,000 in cash for racking up 50,000 iRP before flipping the page of the calendar.

Each time a new rewards tier is reached, the corresponding prize is awarded, and the iRP will continue to rack up towards the next available prize. All told, a player can earn as much as $4,480 in cash, and $20 in tournament tickets; a total value of up to $4,500. The payout schedule for accumulating iRP in the online poker room’s The Grind promotion is as follows:

| iRP Requirement Ticket/Cash Prize | iRP Requirement Ticket/Cash Prize |
| 100 iRP $1 Ticket | 3,000 iRPs $40 Cash Prize |
| 150 iRP $2 Ticket | 4,000 iRPs $50 Cash Prize |
| 200 iRP $2 Ticket | 5,000 iRPs $60 Cash Prize |
| 300 iRP $5 Ticket | 6,000 iRPs $70 Cash Prize |
| 400 iRP $5 Ticket | 7,000 iRPs $80 Cash Prize |
| 500 iRP $5 Ticket | 8,000 iRPs $90 Cash Prize |
| 600 iRP $5 Cash Prize | 9,000 iRPs $100 Cash Prize |
| 750 iRP $10 Cash Prize | 10,000 iRPs $150 Cash Prize |
| 1,000 iRP $15 Cash Prize | 20,000 iRPs $750 Cash Prize |
| 1,500 iRP $20 Cash Prize | 30,000 iRPs $1,000 Cash Prize |
| 2,000 iRP $40 Cash Prize | 50,000 iRPs $2,000 Cash Prize |


Earning iRewards Points is as easy as playing online poker for real money. Each time a player participates in a raked ring game or pays to enter a tournament, they will automatically receive iRP. Every $1.00 contributed in rake is worth 2 iRP, while every $1 in tournament fees is worth another 2 iRP. In cases where the rake/fee is not in exact dollars, fractional points are awarded (i.e. 1.2 iRP for a $0.60 rake contribution).

The Grind kicked off on October 1st and will continue through the rest of the month until 11:59pm ET on October 31st. Note that players can only redeem each prize one time, and all cash prizes are delivered as just that – cold, hard cash. Borgata Poker’s cash prizes come with no additional wagering requirements and can be withdrawn at will or used in the online poker room to buy into cash games or enter tournaments, just like the real money that it is.

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