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Hello all! My name is Joey P. and I’d like to personally welcome you to this website, where we discuss all things related to Durrrr and online gaming. I also happen to be a bit of a tech guru, working as a consultant for a major IT company, so if you’re looking for alternative ways to play online poker – on a Mac, mobile device, etc. – I can probably help you out there, too.

First, a little about me… I’m one of those guys who loves a good game of Texas Holdem for real money. I rarely play for high stakes, especially when competing amongst friends (one tends to lose friends that way), but I’ve spent the past few years orbiting the online poker community and have discovered that some sites are more attuned to friendly poker games than others.

I grew up in a small town in Michigan with my two best friends, Craig and Dennis. My grandpa taught all of us to play poker when were still in the single-digit age range, and the three of us played for fun in Craig’s tree house every summer. As we got older, around 15-16, we invited other friends to play with us (not in the tree house, it was getting a little cramped), tossing our allowance or paper route money into the pot.

That was 15 years ago, and while the times have changed greatly, our friendship remains the same. Craig moved to Texas a few years ago and Dennis has been on the move since he joined the military at 19. Although we can no longer play around a physical table, we get together at online poker rooms and toss chips with players from all over the world on a weekly basis.

Playing online poker with friends is in my opinion, the best way to play any card game. However, I must point out that, collusion is a big no-no. It is not tolerated by any online poker room I’ve ever been to, and today’s technology is so advanced that they can track who is playing together, what other software is running on your computer and whether strange betting habits are taking place according to hand development among regular opponents. (Did I mention I’m a tech guru? I know these things). Though we play at the same tables often, we do not partake in or condone collusion in any way, shape or form.

That about sums it up for me. Please feel free to browse this site, where you’ll learn more about playing this magical game, common misconceptions, superstitions, detailed poker rules and other stratagems. I’m also working on a complete segment of the website that will focus on different platforms from which to play Texas Holdem, including Mac and Ubuntu operating systems, Blackberry mobile devices and Android Smartphones.

Thanks for visiting,
Joey P.

PS: I’ve created a brief sitemap, so can easily navigate to the most important areas.



The focal point of my website is to shepherd other poker players, like myself, towards the best possible gaming experience . I’ll give you the low-down on how to set up private tables and poker clubs, and where to find the best software to do it on multiple platforms, from Windows PC to Apple iPhone and iPad.

About Us

Learn a little about me and why I have such a passion for running this website.

Holdem for Different Platforms

If you skimmed the About Us page, you already know I’m a bit of a technical guru. I’ve tried all the different operating systems and the majority of mobile devices/tablets. Below is a list of pages dealing with how and where to play.

Mac Poker

Finally the online poker world has realized that Mac users are people, too! Some of the largest poker rooms have developed exquisite downloadable poker software for Mac, and there are some other options out there too.

Ubuntu Poker

Though not the most popular OS in the industry, the Ubuntu operating system (which runs on a Linux kernel) is capable of streaming online poker tables. They are far and few between, but they do exist, and I’ll tell you how and where to access them.

Android Poker

Smartphones have taken over the mobile market, and the Android operating system is currently the most popular on a worldwide scale. Poker software developers are well aware of that, which is why you’ll find several great mobile poker apps and destinations to play Texas Holdem on your Android device or tablet.

Blackberry Poker

Although Blackberry was the very first Smartphone to hit the market in 1999, its popularity has plummeted over the last decade. Despite an industry-wide lack of optimization for Blackberry, find out how you can still play on these mobile devices and tablets.