5Dimes US-facing online poker site now homeless after leaving EPN

It was announced over the weekend that 5Dimes is severing its ties with the US-facing Equity Poker Network, effective immediately. No distinct reason for the split was offered, although it was stated by EPN that the two parted ways “on good terms”. Two bigger questions remain, though. What will the loss of one of EPN’s most valuable online poker sites do to the network’s traffic, and where will 5Dimes Poker end up when the dust settles?

The split with EPN took place at midnight on October 31st. As of right now, there has still been no indication from the operator as to where the 5Dimes online poker room will hang its proverbial hat. However, some interesting developments have taken place. Until midnight on Friday, 5Dimes offered two online poker rooms for its members. One was known as the Fish Pond, powered by the recreational-player-geared Equity Poker Network. The other was Open Waters, located on the Winning Poker Network and designed for more serious players. As of now, 5Dimes still offers two online poker rooms, but the names have changed.

The Fish Pond has now become Grand Poker. The software is up and it looks pretty decent, but there’s still no word on which network it will be placed on, or if it will join any network at all. It could be a proprietary platform for all we know. Open Waters underwent a re-branding of its own, now termed The Shark Tank, but is still located on WPN.

All in all, the 5Dimes Group shouldn’t suffer too much from the loss of EPN-derived traffic. The company is an online sportsbook, first and foremost, operating a sports betting site, casino and/or poker room under four separate skins, 5Dimes, Sportbet, Island Casino and VietBet. The repercussions for EPN, however, could be more substantial.

The Equity Poker Network was launched with a unique business model in early November, 2013, led by its flagship card room, Full Flush Poker. 5Dimes jumped aboard just days later, and while it hasn’t drawn near the same level of traffic as FFP, its desertion is expected to have a notable impact. According to PokerScout, EPN drew a 7-day average of 220 concurrent players last week. By the end of this week, new calculations will provide more insight into just much of an impact 5Dimes departure had on EPN.

The online poker network was already recovering from the loss of another online poker operator, Gear Poker, back in August. EPN was nearly back to the previous state of traffic last week, before the announcement came, and will surely be looking to recoup the new losses in the coming months. However, a spokesperson for Equity has it made it clear that the network will continue to forge ahead.

“We are happy with where the Network is heading, and with the steady climb in player numbers,” the spokesperson revealed in a press release issued October 31st. “Our month-on-month increased guaranteed prize pools, quality promotions, and consistently fast and reliable cashouts are markers of EPN’s early success, and our growing reputation amongst players.” That was followed up by a valediction for their previous partner, stating, “We bid farewell to 5Dimes on good terms, and we wish them continued growth for the future.”

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